My name is Ana and I am here to share with you…pretty much everything; from clothes to makeup, from travels to food, from work to play.

I am obsessed with fashion, and although I cannot afford to spend an enormous amount of money on designer pieces, I think that I can manage to create an admirable style by wearing and mixing together affordable brands. One common denominator you will find in my style is Neutrals. Someone said that everything looks better in black and white and that has become my mantra, although I tend to add nude, army green and grey tints to that.

Makeup and beauty in general has always been present in my life; my mum used to work as a hairdresser and would do nails on occasion, so before I could even walk I was asking for nail polish. There is this old tradition in Eastern European culture : when a child turns one year old, the parents put in front of them random items that would symbolise what they would turn out to be later in life. Well, I chose the mirror, the hairbrush and the pen…and although I do not believe in such traditions, I find that those choices fit me quite well even now. I haven’t changed one bit.

Traveling is my passion, full stop. If you would tell me that there is such a thing as Global citizenship, I would take it. I do not believe in borders or nations. We are all human, we are all equal and we all deserve the same rights. I consider myself a citizen of the world and my life ambition is to visit every country at least once. Ahem, ambition is my third name.


And food…I come from a family where eating is the most important part of the day and gets planned in advance. Therefore, I have grown to respect food, going from not having any at all to having too much. Alas, I am very picky with my food and could never be a culinary critic since I don’t like 60% of what you find in restaurants; no fancy seafood for me, thank you. I like trying classic recipes from all around the world and I would love to share that with you.

So yeah, this is a bit of an introduction and I hope this is not going to be just like every other blog/website out here. I hope to hear your feedback and constructive criticism as soon as possible.

Stay real xx

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