September, you bastard

So the school year just started…

My relationship with school has never been ideal, but I have managed to maintain a mediocre to high profile through my three years of high school up until now. This year has started with a bang, and it wasn’t necessarily a good bang. We (and by that I mean the whole classroom) didn’t give a good first impression to the professors, so that set us back. But the second week just started and we’re doing better.

I study at a Scientific high school, which means we focus a lot on math, physics, biology, chemistry, philosophy, latin (most hated subject in the existence of human kind) and many other. We are the third highest classified school in the region (or so I’ve heard), which means that we have standards to keep up. And that’s very stressful, so stressful that some students want to quit, thinking that it is too much too soon.

I do not agree. We are in your second to last year of school and we have to EARN our diploma, it shouldn’t be given to us and if that means studying 3 hours every afternoon and drinking 4 cups of coffee, then so be it.

Other than that, I will do a post on school fashion and makeup and then a travel post where I will publish pictures of my visit to the Vatican with my best friend, yesterday. It was quite an…eventful day.


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