When in Rome…take pictures

Before school seriously started, me and my best friend decided to go to Rome, specifically to the Vatican, aka St. Peter’s Basilica. For anyone who’s been there, you know that it is madness any time of the year; tourism in Rome never rests.

We arrived in Rome, at Termini station (the main train and bus station in central Rome), and then we took the bus number 64, which takes you to the main tourist attraction in the city, which means that it left us directly in front of the Basilica (or almost; we just had to turn a corner). Although not being Rome natives or habituées, we managed (me, more than my best friend…) to arrive there quite quickly with : 1. the use of my sense of direction and 2. the use of an amazing app called “Moovit”. It can be used in any big city in Europe and some in other continents and it is a life-saver. It tells you what form of transportation to get and it also tells you when it leaves and from where. It’s the best.

(Making a fool of myself / Being a diva, as per usual)

The queue was pretty much equivalent to the whole circumference of the whole square of the Basilica, but it moved fairly quickly. In the meantime I got hit on by an Irish tour guide, who left me and my best friend dumbfounded (he was way too old for me).

(Most photos are courtesy of my best friend. Find her at http://valentinajoka.tumblr.com)

If you are considering visiting the Basilica, you must follow certain rules regarding your clothes. Your pants/skirt must be past your knees, and your chest/stomach/shoulders must be covered, otherwise they won’t let you in.


As soon as you get inside, you feel an atmosphere of sacrality that you can rarely find anywhere else, and trust me when I say this, since I am an atheist and I only went there for the art. Pictures aren’t forbidden, but you mustn’t use flash. As long as you speak quietly and respect everyone around you, you’ll be okay. My best friend and I had mini photoshoots inside the Basilica and no one said anything, so don’t judge us.






After seeing each and every work of art in the Basilica, we decided to go to the train station by foot…note this : don’t wear Converse if you decide to be as naive as us. We went across one of the many bridges that unites the two sides of the river Tiber and I decided that I wanted a picture. My friend thought that I was just going to prop myself by the “railing” , but no, I jumped to sit on it and my friend almost had a heart attack. But the picture came out nice.

Then our trip came to an end. I hope you liked this post and I’m sorry that I haven’t posted as often as I hoped I would, but life and school got in the way. Either way, I hope you’ll stick by me for many more posts to come.


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