EXPO 2015

As most of you know, this year the Universal Exposition was held in Milan, Italy and it was focused on food and more precisely its motto was “Feeding the Planet, Energy for Life”.

I went to see it in October, a week or two before it closed its doors, with my high school, which comprises my best friend and her sister. We had a lot lot lot of fun, but there were two annoying things that happened : first of all, it rained during our only day there, so we were in line, holding our umbrellas for dear life; second of all, we were in the bus with another high school from a near city and they were all morons, not even one person was decent, including the teachers. But oh well, manners are not for everybody.

Our trip was divided into three days, so let’s start with day one.

Day One

We got into the bus and left at about 6 am and we stood on that bus, half sleepy, half delirious, until we reached the city of Parma and let me tell you, I fell madly in love with that city. It was so elegant and pure and classic that I had an immediate connection with it and I would like it very much if I could visit it again, as soon as possible.

This is the Ducal palace, in the Ducal park. It is very elegant, although we’ve only seen it from the outside.
Here I was in the centre of the park, from where many pathways started and you could meet people in bicycles, running or just taking a walk. It was all very quiet and not many tourists were around.

From the park, we started going towards the historical centre of the city and we crossed one of the bridges that connects the two sides of the Parma River.


Then we reached the actual historical centre, composed by the Parma Cathedral and the Baptistery. The Cathedral is massive and quite dark, but has a very nice atmosphere and there was music playing when we got inside. We didn’t enter the Baptistery, but I loved it from the outside : it was pink! Its outside is made of pink Verona Marble and it is gorgeous.

This is the Cathedral from the inside and as I said, it’s massive. It’s incredible tal and there’s a part that’s elevated that you can reach by stairs and you can see the Deposition by Benedetto Antelami
This is the ceiling of the Cathedral, in my opinion breathtaking.
This is a part of the ceiling, extremely symmetrical, and I am a lover of symmetric art.
This is a part of the outside of the Baptistery and as you can see, everything is 50 shades of pink!
This is the outside of the Cathedral and I look much taller than what I actually am, courtesy of my best friend, who got on her knees for this photo.

And also, if you want to do some shopping you can totally do it : there are high end stores and also lower end ones, like Zara or KIKO. After our little trip, we went to the Hotel.

Day Two

We got into the bus and we suffered two to three hours of incredible traffic. It was crazy and the lined to get to the bathroom were even crazier. The first thing we did when we got there is that we went to eat and we ate fast food; I personally didn’t care to spend a lot of money on weird food, I am quite picky and simplistic with what I eat.

The first pavilion we saw was Turkmenistan and it was quite simple, nothing spectacular. On the outside it was colourful and on the inside it showed a bit of everything, from fashion (amazing necklaces that I wish I could’ve bought) to their typical carpets.

This was the outside of the Turkmenistan pavilion.
This was obviously one of their immense carpets.
Can we talk about these necklaces and jewellery? I wanted one so so bad.

Then we saw the pavilion vis-à-vis from the one before, Estonia. It was predominantly made of wood! It was very pretty and it was focused on renewable energy and Estonian fauna. Here is where I bought my dad some sort of liquor made with rum. I stayed safe.

In my opinion, it was very well organised and very clean and modern.

Then we moved on to the Brazil pavilion, which drew a large crowd, since there was a net you had to climb on that would resemble a walk in the Amazon Rainforest. That was the most fun part of it all, since everything else was well put, but not extraordinary.

This was the huge net and you can see it was obviously raining.
And this is me, with a twin on each arm, trying to find my own balance and keep them on their feet…pathetic.

If I remember correctly, we then went to the USA pavilion, which was very modern and versatile, with games to play and various interviews, some to the POTUS and FLOTUS of the US.

This was what you could see from the stairs; this pavilion also, was massive and welcoming. It even had a terrace and a bar, but the weather didn’t make that pleasant.
Then there was a room full of plates like these and on the wall there were all the US regions, each with their particular cuisine.

We moved once more to another pavilion, this time we saw Nepal. It was focused on religion and had nothing to do with the theme of the exhibition. There were a couple of statues of Buddha and nothing more, other than a very, very long line.

As you can see, there were a lot of offers.

Then we saw the Colombia pavilion, but unfortunately I didn’t take any photos, since inside there was a guided tour of the very different climate in the country. However I did buy some Colombian coffee and chocolate for my mum and let me tell you, it was great.

We finally saw the Angola pavilion, which I really, really like. Instead of developing in width, it developed in height and it was about four floors high. It was focused on the women of Angola and the figure of the woman in that country. There were many women being interviewed on screen and they talked about their story and success. Then, on the last floor, there was an art exhibition, full of very charismatic people and artists. It was a pleasant surprise.

Beautiful women.
And great art.

These were all of the pavilions and as the final touch, we saw the show of the Tree of Life. It was nice, with the classical music and all, but it was nothing, in my opinion, spectacular.

Nice lights and music, but it started raining right as the show started. Brilliant.

Day Three

The final day was finally here. We woke up early and admired the view, since the hotel was in the middle of the woods. Then we visited a tiny little city, Castell’Arquato. Very pretty, but not a single soul was there. We visited the main Church and then we visited a tower, which was full of medieval ways of torture. Needless to say, my friend was yelling my name desperately, while clinging to my hand for dear life.

Our hotel had a great view and a lot of insects.
Inside the church.
Beautiful white artwork.
I am known for sitting on not so safe platforms in order to take pictures. Deal with it.
This was the view from the tower. Amazing.

And after all this, we finally went home, in our comfortable and insect-free beds. See you soon.


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