Christmas Gifts 2015

Merry Christmas to those who celebrate it! I am not a Christian, but I celebrate this holiday as a way of being with family and friends. I see it as a Winter celebration and a day to exchange gifts.

It is just my parents and I here in Italy, since most of our family is either back in Romania or somewhere in England or Australia. Therefore, we never have big Christmas dinners or lunches. On Christmas day my parents went to have lunch at some of their friends’ house while I went at my best friend’s house and had lunch there, with most of her family.

This blog post is titled “Christmas Gifts” because I wanted to show you what I got, since it is all very very useful. I never ask/wish for anything crazy, just things I can use whenever I want. I find it is useless to get a pink feather dress (for example), which you are only going to wear once, if you are a normal person.

So, from my parents (mainly my mum, since dad does not go shopping…ever) I got clothes.

I got 4 very basic and comfortable bras which I really needed, since I go through bras like crazy. They also get worn out at the gym so I have to change them frequently. They are black, white, baby blue and grey and even if they are from OVS, they look very nice and they have a very clean design. If you want to get them, they only ship to Italy (unfortunately) and this is their website :

The white and the black ones are here and the grey and baby blue ones here


Then I got a couple of things from Sisley. I got a much-needed pair of black leggings, which fit so so good and they are not see-through (very important). Since I listed them as a basic piece of clothing in my post on basic bottoms  I can say that I can never have too many pairs of leggings. I couldn’t find them on the Sisley website, but you can imagine what a pair of black leggings looks like.

Then, also from Sisley, I got a very simple but unique shirt which has a very nice and fine type of knitwear, all black and asymmetrical. I actually wore it on Christmas day.

Screen Shot 2015-12-26 at 15.48.41
I had to take the picture directly from the site, since it does not show very well on the iPhone camera. You can get the shirt right here (you can choose your country on and search from there; you have to select knitwear and the colour black)

I finally got what I really HOPED for, which was a bathrobe. I know this might sound crazy, but I have had the same fuchsia old bathrobe for years and I really wanted a neutral fluffy one. And that is what I got and I am so so happy. It is from upim, another Italian supermarket brand.


The only thing missing are the black Timberlands that I am going to go get myself, since I have to try them on. I will have to go to Rome, most likely after the holidays. But I literally cannot wait! I have wanted a pair for so so long and I will finally get them!

As I said, I went to have lunch and spent the day at my best friend’s house. Her, her twin sister and I exchanged gifts and I am really, really happy with what I got from them.

I got 2 KIKO nail polishes, which I wanted and needed. The first one is the most classic red; I had to throw away my old one because it dried up. Ironically, it is also my favourite colour to have on my nails, so feminine.

The second one is liquid bronze mixed with gold, literally. It is so beautiful that I will wear it on New Year’s Eve. I fell in love with it.

The red one is number 238 and the bronze one is number 480. You can get them here. Again, you can choose your country in the bottom right corner.

Then I got something I actually told them I wanted. They said that they had no idea what to get me and I gave them a list of foreign-language books that I wanted and they respected my wish. They got me “Madame Bovary” by Gustave Flaubert. I am ecstatic and I cannot wait to read the books I have to in order to get to this one (I have a list and an order, yes). Something about the plot interests me, I think I have a bit of Madame Bovary in me.


Well, this was it. I hope you have had an amazing holiday and that you will have an even more amazing 2016!


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