New Year’s Resolutions

Happy New Year, everybody! I hope you had a wonderful New Year’s Eve and I hope you have an even more wonderful new year, because I know you deserve it.

What I did on New Year’s Eve is pretty cliché : I got dressed up, dolled up and I went at a dinner party with a friend of mine and some of her family members, along with her boyfriend. That means I spent the night third-wheeling, since there were literally no men of my liking there. What is even more cliché is that I got slightly drunk; white wine and champagne kept me company while I denied any dish that had fish (about all of them). Little food + alcohol = not fun. But I do remember everything and I made it home alive and well.

Now, let’s talk about my 2016 resolutions…

As I do every year, I promise myself to study more and better. I do wish I had brighter grades, but I have to put in the work.

I also want to read more and more often. I can say I started okay since I have been reading a book since December and I am almost done with it (a review on it is going to be posted when I’ll finish it). I have so many books collecting dust in my library and I want to read them as soon as possible.

I want to be wiser with my money and my purchases. I have a list of items that I want and need to buy (they are mostly minimalistic and neutral) and I will not stray away from it.

I want to take better care of my body, my face and my hair. I haven’t been to the gym in two weeks (aka since Christmas break started) and I will start going again this Monday. Once I start going again I will not stop. My face has been acting strange, I have never had such frequent breakouts so I have to start eating cleaner and stop touching my face. My hair has been through a lot last year : I dyed it blonde and then I went back to dark brown, so of course it suffered quite a lot of stress and damage. This year = less heat and more care.

I want to visit more of Rome : this beautiful city is 40 minutes away from me and I still have to see so so many things. Even if I have to go alone, I’ll be equally happy, I have no time to wait around for people to have time for me, which brings me to my next resolution.

I want to stop caring so much. I am the kind of person who has very few friends (and by few I mean 2), so obviously I have a very close relationship with them, at least on my side. I consider them family. But these friends of mine have boyfriends and they put them before me, at all times. It annoys,but this year will be all about me and creating memories with and for myself. I am done caring.

This is about it. These resolutions are quite simple and common, but somehow the most complicated to get done.

Once again, I hope you have a great 2016. Last year was practice, now it’s game time.


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