Book Review – Doctor Sleep

Disclaimer : the photo above was not shot by me, but it was taken from Wikipedia. I would have taken a photo of my book, but I threw the dustcover away. I like the feel of the actual raw book in my hands, not the plastic cover on it.

Ah, Stephen King. Where do I even start? He is the one man who can make me look under the bed twice by just writing a sentence. The way this man writes is unlike any other and it makes me want to devour his books in record time, while listening for the smallest noises in my house.

I read The Shining this summer, usually during the night. Bad choice on my part. In order to finish it and get the “happy ending” (for lack of a better term) I stayed up until 3 am. Having read a couple of his other works (It, Full Dark no Stars), which I have added in my favourite books post , I can honestly say that The Shining is the one that terrified me the most. Maybe it is because it talks about a father who turns on his family, albeit not on his own will, maybe because there is a child involved; I do not know what it is, but it is the most terrifying book I have read to date.

Fast forward to Doctor Sleep : Danny, the protagonist and one of the survivors of his father’s rage, is all grown up and he fell right in his father’s footsteps : he became an alcoholic. After a significant event which will haunt him for the rest of his life, he decides to put down roots in a small city, where he also finds a job in an hospice. His job, although his contract might disagree , is to bring comfort to dying patients, guiding them towards the end. In a nearby town, a couple of days before 9/11, a baby is born, called Abra, who shows the same abilities that Dan has, but much stronger. The two are destined to meet once they find out that a group of seemingly immortal individuals, the True Knot, that tortures and kills children like Abra in order to live longer, is after the girl herself. They, along with some other friends and family, have to defeat the Knot and its leader, Rose.

Well, let me just say that this is a 500 page book and I finished it in 4-5 days. That says a lot about this book : I could not put it down. It was full of action and turning points (one which left me literally shocked), in true King style, from start to finish. The thing I probably liked most is, besides the story and the action itself, the fact that Dan is extremely relatable : he did exactly what I thought he would not. First he was an alcoholic, then he went and got help and, even if he could have stayed out of the chaos, he was willing to risk and potentially lose his life for the little girl who, in my opinion, he saw as his young female counterpart. Dan is not your typical hero, he is not spotless, he is flawed; but despite those flaws he still made the right decision, simply because his willpower is strong.

As you can see, I did enjoy this book quite a lot. Therefore I give it a 9/10.


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