Birthday Haul 2016

As you may have seen, February 5th was my birthday! It went great; I like to keep things simple and classy, since I am not someone you would call a party girl. My birthday was on Friday and that evening my parents and I went out for dinner. The following day, Saturday, I had another dinner with my best friend, her sister, and their respective boyfriends. We ate a lot. I mean it. I instantly regretted wearing a tight dress.


As far as gifts go, as I said before, I do not need anything. Any gift that was given to me was something I wanted, not needed, therefore the gifts may seem quite superficial. But oh well, I am quite superficial myself.

First, from my parents, besides something sentimental and a bouquet of red roses from my father, I got a classic eau de toilette, Opium by Yves Saint Laurent. This is the most intense fragrance I have ever owned and I am impressed it is not an eau de parfum. It has a very strong scent that lasts for a very long time, so you only need a drop or two around your neck and one on your wrists. The packaging is also very pretty.


From my friends I got a gift card for Yamamay, which is a lingerie and underwear store here in Italy. I still have to actually go and buy something.

Also from them, I got two makeup palettes that I really wanted. They are both from ZOEVA and they are gorgeous.


The first one is called En Taupe and, just like the name says, it is full of taupe, pink and purple colours, both matte and shimmery. This is a perfect day palette, with a twist. Less boring than the predictable brown, I think. Below you have the pictures, without and with flash.



The second palette is Cocoa Blend and it is full of rich, warm colours. You can pick any colours and make an amazing look. I love love love it, especially the reddish shimmery colour.



This is about it. Thank you for reading, once again.


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