Shop Miss A haul and reviews, part 1

I found out about the Shop Miss A website from various youtube videos. The idea behind this website is that everything costs $1. I find that the price is so low mainly because of the extremely cheap packaging. It is super light and looks like children’s makeup. But we can glide over that, especially if the products are good. Since I bought 37 items, I am going to divide this haul in 2 parts. The first 19 items are listed below, and the links will be in the names themselves.

1. Iphone 6 Tempered Glass Pro Screen Protector

This is probably one of the items I am happiest about. It is a glass screen protector, a bit more resistant than the plastic ones. The application was very easy, although they do not give you anything to clean your screen with, but regardless of that, it did not leave any bubbles.

Score : 9,5/10

2. Knotted Zipper Chain Bracelet – Gold

The design is very nice, but it feels very low quality. It is featherweight and you can see, behind its fake gold paint, it is nothing but metal. I think I’ll probably wear it a couple of times, and I’ll try to make it work.

Score : 5,5/10

3. Cord Stitched Leather Bracelet – Black

This bracelet is very casual although, since it is for women, I think that they should make it go a bit tighter. I feel it is very loose on my wrist.

Score : 6/10

4. Golden M-10 Rifle Pen

I will admit, I got it because it is golden. I do not approve of real guns, but this pen is bad ass. It is of course made of plastic, so not high quality, but it writes pretty well. The ink is black and very fluid.

Score : 9/10

5. Modern Claw Ring – Gold

I was pleasantly surprised with this ring. I find it very pretty, although I think they should add a couple of sizes, since it is a bit loose for my fingers. It does not look cheap and it would be really nice stacked up with other rings.

Score : 8,5/10

6. L.A. Colors – Auto Lipliner – Rose Brown

This lipliner is much darker than what I thought but nonetheless, it is bomb. I really like it; it is very creamy and the colour is very “in” right now, you know that ’90s lip. The only advice I can give you is to not apply it as soon as you open it : try it on your hand first, to soften the very sharp tip and then apply it on your lips. Also, be careful when you fill your lips in, since you cannot really make a soft effect as you could with a pencil lipliner. Looking back, I should have bought more colours.

Score : 9/10

7. L.A. Colors – Moisture Lipstick – Taupe Envy

I love this lipstick. I am growing tired of matte liquid lipstick and going back to creamy classic formulas is amazing. I think that a better name for this colour would be Mocha. It is a very pretty rosy brown, but not too brown. Nicely pigmented.

Score : 9/10

8. L.A. Colors – Purely Matte Lipstick – Caramel Creme

I love this lipstick too. It is less shiny than the one above, but it is still just as creamy. It dries of semi-matte and the colour is a medium dark pinky nude, some sort of half sister to the lipstick above.

Score : 9/10

9. Kleancolor Foundation Brush

I never really got this sort of brush, simply because everyone said that it leaves streaky marks, but for $1 I thought I would give it a try. It surprised me. It does not feel low quality and it barely leaves any hairs on my face. The coverage that it allows is medium, better than what my fingers could ever do. You just have to blend and blend.


Score : 8/10

10. Mineral Compact Powder – Lighter Tones #1

The one thing that bothers me about this powder is that it is too yellow-toned for me, since I have neutral tones. It is not that noticeable, but still, it would be better if they offered a wider selection. The packaging of this powder is the only thing that arrived broken, being made of very thin plastic.

Score : 6/10

11. L.A. Colors – Liquid Eyeliner – Black

I really like this liquid liner. It is very black and the wand is long and thin, perfect for winged liner. It says on the site that it is water resistant and I have noticed that it hasn’t budged. I am very  very pleased with this. It reminds me of the NYC liquid liner.

Score : 10/10

12. Magic finish Luminizing Eyeshadow – #4

This is actually a baked and very shimmery eyeshadow, but if you get the shade #4 you can use it as a highlighter, which is what I do. It is massive in size and very shimmery. I really like the finish it gives and it quite neutral, not too rosy nor too golden.

Score : 9/10

13. Eyeshadow Primer – Matte 

This really surprised me. It is not patchy and it holds eyeshadow in place for a very long time. I have noticed less fallout. Of course, after you apply it you have to set it with a skin tone eyeshadow or just with your regular powder so that darker eyeshadow goes on smoothly. The quantity is also great. The colour is a bit lighter than my skin tone, but all in all it is quite good.

Score : 9/10

14. Elf Essential Eyelash Curler 

I actually do not have the curler anymore, since I gifted it to a friend of mine. I did not like it since it was quite wobbly and I felt very unsure using it. I prefer the one I have had for 5 years and that actually curls my lashes incredibly well.

Score 0/10

15. Elf Essential Lipstick – Seductive

I love this lipstick. I love the colour, I love the texture and I love how creamy and luscious it is. I can totally understand why it is called “Seductive”. The one flaw is the packaging, which is very low quality and wobbly.

Score : 8,5/10

16. American Eyecon Wet/Dry Baked Eyeshadow – Toffee

I do not understand why this eyeshadow is called “Toffee” (I think it should be called “Gunmetal”), but regardless of that it is a very nice shadow with which you can create a very nice smokey eye. It almost looks duo-chrome, purple-brown and icy blue. Again, the packaging is the problem. Below you have the dry and the wet swatches. When you wet it, the texture becomes very much like the one of a liner.

Score : 8/10

17. Elf Essential Blending Eye Brush

I cannot express in words how much I love this brush. Besides the occasional strand of hair shed, it is so so good at blending and also keeping the pigmentation. Love it.


Score : 9/10

18. L.A. Colors – Eye Shadow Pot – Bare Mauve

This is a very pretty shadow, although quite powdery. I like using it as a base for all of my shadows or just using it in combination with a medium dark brown in the crease. It is not mauve at all, it is a warm sandy colour with a very discrete satin finish.

Score  : 8/10

19. L.A. Colors – Eye Shadow Pot – Terracotta

As for texture, the same goes for this shadow. It is beautiful as a transition colour and again, it is quite warm. I love using it in the crease. I find these shadows (this one and the one above) quite good quality.

Score : 8/10

This is it for Part 1 of this haul. I hope you found it useful.


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