New Kicks

I finally bought my very first pair of sneakers that I will not use for working out. I am very proud of myself, because I changed my mentality : before deciding to buy these I would only want to buy heels, but sneakers are so much better for everyday use. When I saw these, I fell in love and decided to buy them.


These are the Reebok x FaceStockholm Classics. They come in different pastel colours and some metallic ones, but I ended up picking up the pink ones. This is the best colour ever, partially because it is still considered a neutral. You can wear these with other neutral colours, and a really good palette of neutral colours was made by elinaxblvck. Here it is.


Thank you for reading.

Until next time, Xx.

6 thoughts on “New Kicks

  1. Could you do(post) an outfit with these? I’m currently contemplating purchasing these. I originally fell in love with the classic leather seasonal I in the pastel pink color, but I think those are discontinued and these are the closest to them I can find. But as you already know they aren’t quite pink as much as they are a muted coral kind of color.


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