Outfit of the Day – March 27, 2016

This outfit of the day was requested by eileenpineapple, who saw my Reebok shoes post and asked if I could do an outfit with them. I already wanted to do one so that was just extra motivation.

So this day I went with my parents to Ostia, a city near the beach and near Rome. We had lunch there and we strolled around a bit. It was a particularly warm day so I decided to dress accordingly.

I wore a longish tank top from Tezenis, which is not available anymore. I also wore a pair of leggings from Calzedonia, which you can find here. I need to buy another couple of pairs since these are almost opaque, therefore not see-through. Over my tank top I wore a bomber jacket from H&M, and you can find it here. I really wanted the other colours too, but I have to be wise with my money. And of course I wore my Reeboks.

I did an all-black outfit simply because that is my style preference, but you can totally style the sneakers with jeans or sweatpants of other colours. Had I had a pink bomber jacket I would have worn it.

And now you get an extra pic that has me and the sea in it, because it was a good day.




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