Shop Miss A haul and reviews, part 2

It is time for part 2 of my haul and this is going to be a bit harsher, since I had very high expectations for some products in here. You can read part 1 here.

20. Santee Long Lasting Matte Liquid Lipstick – 3

Let me start by saying that the picture on the website make the colour look much darker than it actually is : on the site it looks a medium pink, while in real life it is a powdery pink. And that is not even the biggest problem. I first tried it on my hand, of course, and it looked like a very pretty nude and it had a nice smell. I then tried it on my lips and it was hell : streaky. I of course tried it on other days and I am trying it on as I am writing this, but it is still quite streaky. Could I make it work? Of course : I have to use a darker coloured lip liner and probably some lipgloss, since the product transfers form one lip to the other and leaves empty patches. But I did not buy it to put lipgloss on top, I bought it to look pretty and matte. Below you can see how it looks by itself and with some pink lipgloss on.

Score : 1/10

21. Madly Matte Liquid Lipstick – Mauves – 1.Bubblegum

Do not ask me why I bought this colour, because I have no idea. I thought it would look good on me, but it does not. The problem is the same as with the one above, even if they are two different brands. This was streaky as soon as I swatched it on my hand. On the lips it looks awful, so this goes right in the trash.

Score : 0/10

22. Madly Matte Liquid Lipstick – Pinks – 4.Mademoiselle 

This was the best liquid lipstick, and it is barely good. The texture is more creamy and it is not streaky. The colour is quite pretty. The way it feels on the lips is of course dry, but not too much. After a while it feels and gets a bit patchy on the centre of the lips. This is the only one I got from the Pinks collection, so maybe it is that collection that is good, unlike the Mauves and the Reds.

Score : 6/10

23. Madly Matte Liquid Lipstick – Reds – 5.Jam

This lipstick is the second best one after the one above. It is a classic cold red. You have to apply it twice to get the full colour and avoid touching your lips while it dries. It is a bit sheer and feels drier than the one above.

Score : 4/10

24. Madly Matte Liquid Lipstick – Reds -1.Punch

This one has the strongest smell of the bunch. The colour is decent, but the application is extremely streaky, just like the second one I reviewed. Once your lips touch one another, the colour becomes patchy on the centre of the lip. This is already in the trash.

Score : 0/10

25. Ms. Chick Blush – 5 Redwood

I bought two of these blushes and I must say I am quite pleased with them, except for the fact that they look much bigger in the pictures on the website. The packaging is again quite cheap and you have to be careful when you open them, in case you break them. Also, the colour of the packaging of each blush is very similar to the colour of the blush itself and I found that quite neat. Both blushes have a matte finish. Redwood, in particular, is a dark earth-tone red and looks very nice with nude lips.

Score : 7,5/10

26. Ms Chick Blush – 12 Sunbaked

Same goes for this blush, except for the colour. It is a dark orange, but thankfully it is not too yellow.

Score : 7,5/10

27. Amuse 2 in 1 Foundation Stick – 5. Pecan

I got this hoping that it would be dark enough for me to contour with, but that will not happen. It is only slightly deeper the my skin tone and it is very warm and orange. Also, the texture is not creamy, therefore it does not slide on smoothly.

Score : 0/10

28 & 29. Rose Cheek Pop Blush – Mauve and Coral

I decided to put these two blushes together because they are very very similar. They are both pink toned, although Mauve is slightly lighter. They both give off a satin finish. I really like both of them, although I thought they would be bigger, once again, because the pictures on the site made them look larger.

Score : 7,5/10

30. Retractable Waterproof Eyeliner – Black

I really like this liner. I have always had a problem with eyeliners since I have very watery eyes. This is quite black and it does stay on as promised, just not in the waterline. It also has a sharpener at the bottom which comes in handy.

Score : 8/10

31. Nail Polish – 108 Top Coat

I really needed to buy a top coat at the time and this was the perfect occasion. It is nice, it does not last ages, of course, but it will do. I do not do my own nails as of now, I get gel done, but if I ever need a top coat this will be here.


Score : 6/10

32. e.l.f. Essential Shimmering Facial Whip – Lilac Petal 

I decided to also get three cream highlighters and this is the first one. It is quite pink, but it does not look too coloured on the skin. It is easy to apply, but I would only use it on my cheekbones and not on the nose or other areas. Let me tell you, a little goes long long way. Always start small and then work it up, but do not just put half a tube on your cheeks, trust me.

Score : 9/10

33 & 34. e.l.f. Essential All Over Color Stick – Persimmon and Spotlight

The colour difference between these two is barely noticeable since they are less pigmented than the highlighter above, but that is not a negative thing since these can be used all over the high points of the face, nose included, and will not look too much.

Score : 8,5/10

35. Brows Essential Kit – Dark Brown

I really like this brow powder. It is a decent amount and the colour is nice, but for me a slightly darker and colder one would be better. Regardless, I am still using it along with an angled brush. I concentrate mostly on the tail of the brow and on the empty patches. The powder also comes with a couple of eyebrow stencils, a natural and a thick one, and I think that they are great, since they have a classic shape.

Score : 7/10

36. Eyeliner Pencil – Dark Brown

This is supposed to be an eyeliner but I use it as an eyebrow liner. It is very rich in colour and the shade is quite neutral. One problem is that when you put it on it has a weird texture but that can be solved by brushing your brows with a spoolie.

Score : 8/10

37. Santee Eyebrow Gel Mascara – #4

This is the final item on the list. I am very happy with it since I desperately needed something to keep my brows in place all day. The colour is nice but the brush could be longer in my opinion. Also, at the end of the day, it is much harder to take off than a normal mascara. You have to be very gentle so you will not be left with eyebrow hairs missing.

Score : 7,5/10

I am finally done with this 2-part haul. I hope you liked it and will take the advice I gave you.




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