Trip to Sicily 2016, part 1

This is the second time I am making this post, since wordpress decided to delete everything that was in it. You have no idea how how pissed off I am right now and how much work I put in.

Anyways, this is part 1 of my school trip to Sicily, where I am going to show you the first two days of the trip.

We left at about 6am from home and we went to Fiumicino, where the main airport in Rome is. We flew with Vueling and there were no problems. It took a bit less than an hour.


So we got to the airport in Catania and from there we went directly to Taormina, a very beautiful and expensive town situated quite high up on the coast. I ate for the first time in my life an Arancino, a typical Sicilian street food. It is basically a mixture of rice, tomato sauce, peas, meat and cheese, all deep fried. It is amazing. We also visited the very old Greek Theatre, built in the third century BC.


After that we went and entered a church nearby, called Church of Santa Caterina. It was mostly white and modest, besides the gold details, of course.

We strolled around the main street of the town, which had a couple of shops here and there. We saw an interesting flight of stairs and we decided to go up, but nothing was there. The view was, of course, quite neat.

After finishing up our visit of Taormina, we took the bus and went to the most famous volcano in Italy, Etna. It was a very long drive, since climbing up on the volcano is not easy and you have to circumnavigate it quite a few times. As soon as we got off the bus, the most intense wind hit us. We then climbed up a hundred metres by foot and when we got where we wanted, a couple of skinnier girls almost flew away. The wind was so intense and scary, but fun at the same time. You can see the force of the wind in the selfie below.

After our adventure, we went to the hotel. We went and had dinner, socialised a bit and then we went out in the town. We stayed at a hotel in Aci Trezza. The town was very small and it faced the harbour.

The second day we got up, had an amazing breakfast (my favourite part of staying at hotels is the breakfast) and we took off to see Syracuse the whole day. We visited an archaeological park, where we saw the Ara di Ierone, a huge altar probably dedicated to Zeus, where ancient Romans would sacrifice animals.

Right after we saw the Greek Theatre, which would have been very nice, had it not been for the workers setting it up for a future representation of some play. It was very white and quite, since there were not a lot of visitors. If you want to visit a quiet Sicilian city, Syracuse might just do it for you.

Then, in the same park, we entered a very paradisiac garden, similar to the Garden of Eden, according to some. We also entered a cave, the Ear of Dionysius, which has great acoustics. Of course, everyone started yelling and it became unbearable.


After visiting this park we went on an island nearby, called Ortygia. It is separated form the mainland only by a bridge, which is 20 metres long. It is a beautiful island with great places to visit.

We unfortunately could not get in the main church of the island, the Cathedral, since it was closed. Nevertheless, it was beautiful on the outside. Of course I had to climb on something, I could not stand still (a hobby of mine, as you may remember from here).

We then entered a church right next to the one above, called Church of Santa Lucia all Badia. Unfortunately, we could not take pictures inside, although I really wanted to, since they were displaying a panting by Caravaggio, the Burial of St. Lucy. You can check the painting out here, but it is nothing like looking at it from ten feet away.


We then went and saw the Fountain of Arethusa, which has a great legend behind it. Apparently the nereid Arethusa, in her escape from the god Alpheus, trying to remain a virgin since she was dedicated to Artemis, asked for the help of the goddess herself, who transformed her into a cloud. Fearing Alpheus, she perspired and became a course of water, flowing into the Fountain we can see nowadays. We can also find here the one of two homes for the Papyrus plant in Europe, since it cannot grown anywhere else, its home being Africa.


We then walked along the coast and took some pictures, since the light was perfect in the afternoon. Excuse the selfie and the climbing.


We then headed back to the hotel.

This is what we did for the first two days. Stay tuned, since next week I will post part 2 of this trip, with the last two days. Thank you for reading.


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