Trip to Sicily 2016, part 2

This is obviously the second part of my trip, which encapsulates the last two days. These days were a bit nicer, weather wise. We were very tired, which was a good thing since the bus got quiet and I could listen to my music in peace.

On the third day we visited Noto, Scicli and Catania. As soon as we got to Noto, we got welcomed by very sunny and very windy weather. To go into the historical centre you have to pass through an enormous gate, called Porta Reale or Porta Ferdinandea, in honour of Ferdinand II of the Two Sicilies. It is gorgeous.


There was a very nice alley with benches on which we had to wait for some people to have coffee so we could visit everything all together. You can have a look at my outfit, all black except for my pink Reeboks, just like I was dressed here.


We visited the Church of San Francesco d’Assisi all’Immacolata, which had a convent right next to it, many years ago, and nuns could assist the Sunday mass. Inside it was beautiful, mostly white and gold and the ceiling was spectacular. We also paid a ticket and we got on the roof, which allowed us to get an eagle eye view of the city. The wind was crazy. We also got to see the grates from which the nuns would watch the mass, since they could not mix with normal people.



Then we visited the Cathedral, where the mass was being held. It is literally monumental. Extremely huge and kind of peachy, colour-wise. The structure is not all original, since an earthquake damaged it and some frescos are new, but painted with an old technique.


Right in front of this cathedral we find the Palazzo Ducezio, which is quite grand for a civil construction. It serves as the city hall.


We then got on the bus, after eating lunch and having desert, and went to Scicli, a small town nearby where a popular tv show, Montalbano, is sometimes filmed.

We entered the Church of San Giovanni Evangelista, which had beautiful white and blue artwork on the inside. Everything was extremely ornate and there were also some tombs of soldiers who died in World War I.


The fourth and final day we visited Catania and then we went to the airport. Catania is huge and full of little streets on which we were advised not to go wander. The architecture is beautiful and quite cold, speaking about colours, unlike the other cities we have visited the past days.

We first saw the Cathedral dedicated to Saint Agatha. The façade is blue! It is very pretty, both on the outside and on the inside. It is predominately white on the inside and it has huge paintings with even bigger frames.



Then we visited a street called Via dei Crociferi, which had 2 churches one next to the other, both baroque. Unfortunately, we could not get inside and admire the art.


We then had our final lunch in Sicily and headed to the airport. The flight back was okay and relaxing, since everyone was tired. Unfortunately, when we went to get our bags, two suitcases got stuck so we had to wait 20 minutes for the technician to come and help, even though even I could get the suitcase unstuck. Then, when we got out of the airport to meet our bus so it could take us home, it was not there. The driver had not arrived yet, so we had to wait and extra half an hour for him. And I am not finished.

On our way back, the police stopped us and fined the driver, because we did not have our seat belts on (who puts their seat belt on a bus?) and because he was 20 km over the speed limit on a certain street. It was literally the most exhausting drive home I ever experienced. We got home at about 11:30pm and all was well.

I did not get many souvenirs from my trip, except for a couple of fridge magnets and a couple of chocolates. Modica, a city near Scicli is very famous for its chocolate, since it does not use cocoa butter. It was indeed amazing.

I hope you enjoyed this trip along with me and that I inspired you to go and visit Sicily. Thank you for reading.


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