Outfit of the Day – April 29, 2016

Here I am with another outfit of the day post, which of course includes only neutral colours and tones. As you may have noticed, I changed up my hair, which means I actually went back to my natural colour, by dying it. I am working on a post all about my hair journey, since I have to look for old pictures (aka selfies), but it will come soon enough.

This outfit was a school outfit and was, weirdly enough, quite comfortable. I did not believe it would be, since the jeans I was wearing are very heavy and I very rarely wear them, therefore they are less stretched out than others.

Let’s start from the top : I was wearing a basic t-shirt from Tezenis, which can be quite transparent since it is a stretchy material, so I always make sure I am wearing a black bra underneath. You can find the shirt here.

On top of that I wore a beige cardigan, also from Tezenis, which I got on sale. As soon as I saw it and the colour, I had to have it. I could not find the exact colour, but the cardigan itself is here, in black or grey.

On the bottom, I wore a pair of jeans I got last year, also on sale, from Liu Jo. As you may know, that brand is somewhere between high end and high street, so finding these jeans on sale was great. Unfortunately, as with most brands, it is very difficult to find a pair of jeans that fit a generous pair of buttocks but also fit a pair of long legs. I went and got them shortened by an inch or so, which changed the ways I could wear them, since they end at the ankle and are not so tight there. For example, I do not like wearing them with Converse sneakers, but I would wear them with heels. Apparently, they do not carry them anymore, but I do not think that is a loss, since there are many other brands that design jeans in a more versatile way. By the way, I just saw that I have already talked about these jeans in another post…oops.

Finally, on my feet I wore a pair of slip ons from a brand called Two of a Kind, based in London, which you can find at AW Lab, but they do not carry them anymore. Anyways, they are very similar to the classic Vans ones, with the black leather and white sole.

I hope you liked this post and I hope to hear from you soon. Thank you for reading.




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