My hair journey

Turning into a teenager and starting high school four years ago meant being thrown into the world of balayage or ombre hair. Of course, as soon as I saw the way it looked on certain celebrities and models, I had to have it. My mum was not particularly fond of the idea, but she accepted it and accompanied me to the hair salon.

Four years ago I had my first balayage, which means that the lower ends of my hair were bleached ever so slightly to give it some dimension. I, unfortunately, do not have any pictures of that first change. I then went back to the salon, about six months after, and had it re-done, a bit higher up on my length. That was an even bigger change and I loved it. Again, I have no pictures saved on my computer, so I cannot show you.

My hair started growing and of course the colour started vanishing with every trim I had. Being a smart ass, I decided to buy the new L’Oréal dyes made especially for that effect. They were called Feria, if I am not mistaken. I had my mum dye it, since she used to be a hairstylist many years ago and the result came out decent. Of course, it was not salon quality and way too one dimensional, but it was not horrible. If you ask me if I recommend it, I would say no. The result was okay, at first, but then it started becoming more yellow, which is what happens if you do not get it toned. So I was left with a Beyoncé colour, which does look great on her skin tone, but most definitely not on mine.

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset
I looked extremely glamorous here with curled hair, but you could see the mistakes when the hair was straight.

As a new school year approached, I decided to cut my hair to my shoulders. I was tired of the blonde and I wanted my natural hair colour back. So that is what I did and I loved my hair.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
I forgot about this picture, but you can see the ends were still a bit blonde.

All was well until last year, around this time, I decided I wanted the Kim Kardashian after birth hairstyle, which was pretty much blonde. So I switched up my hair salon and went to another one which was supposed to be the best in this particular type of hair colouring. It was disastrous at first, since they also bleached part of my bangs, and the blonde was way too yellow.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Smiling through the pain.

I then went back and then darkened my roots. That made the process less traumatic and for all three months of summer, I was blonde. I got used to it and wanted to keep it, since most people said I looked great, once my natural hair started growing out and it looked like there was less blonde.


In September, once again, I decided to dye my hair as dark as my natural hair colour, which was obviously quite impossible, but I did it anyway. I went to my original hair salon and decided on a hair colour and I ended up very happy with the final result.

I apparently also got my side bangs cut, a bad decision, now that I think of it. PS: the room is not mine, of course; you know I would never use those colours or have puppets laying around.

Of course, dark dyes do not last very long on blonde hair, so my hair started to turn copper, aka not cute. You can get a better look at it here, on my post about my visit to the Vatican.


Therefore, I had my hair dyed again that same colour and about four weeks ago it started turning copper again, which made me want to dye it. Getting your hair dyed at a salon costs a lot so I turned to boxed dyes again, which could have been a disaster, but it turned out way better than I expected.

I bought the Garnier Olia in the shade “Dark Brown” and made my mum dye my hair. The result was, of course, a bit darker at first, but as of now it matches my natural hair colour and there is no fading. I was very impressed with it. Since the ends of my hair were a bit burned from the dyes and the hair tools I tend to use quite often, I also made my mum cut my hair in a slight V shape at the back and leave my bangs alone, since I want them to be almost the same length as the rest of my hair.

This is me as of a couple of days ago, pretty happy with life, although it does not look like it.

So, my final decision is to let my hair be. I want it to grow and go back to my natural hair colour, without having to use dyes again. I also started using my hair tools less and less, trying to de-stress my hair. Fingers crossed, my hair will be long and healthy by September.

Thank you for reading.



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