Outfit of the Day – May 12, 2016

Time has come for another ootd and this time I was so excited, since I actually found a very nice background, randomly. I was going shopping with my friend and we passed this very nice grey wall and I literally started smiling, since there are no urban simple backgrounds around here.

So, as you can see, I was donning a very basic look, that I found to be quite chic, and I wish I had a photo to show you how differently my friend and I dress. We looked very weird walking around together : as in, I looked like her mum.


As a top, I was wearing a simple black t-shirt by Tezenis, from the men’s collection. Men’s shirts are cheaper and so much more simple, therefore I tend to also look around that side of the store. You can find the shirt here; I obviously got the smallest size possible.

I was also wearing a pair of leggings by Tezenis, which you can find here, but the problem with them was that they were not tight enough on the ankle, so my mum offered to modify them, since she loves sewing. That is what she did and that is why they fit so good. They are not see-through, which is an amazing thing.

The coat : this coat is one of my most prized possessions. I love it to death and I am always extra careful when I wear it. It is very similar to those waterfall coats that have been trendy lately, but it is shorter and slightly more structured. I got it from Tally Weijl a while back, on sale, and it is not on the site anymore.


Another love of mine is this bag that I got from Zara, also on sale. As soon as I got into the store I only saw it in burgundy and the staff members told me that the black ones sold out. I was so disappointed, because I had seen it on the website and it was gorgeous. While I was walking around the store, I saw it and immediately ran towards it. It reminds me of a doctor’s bag, because of the simple design and the metal handles. I am very sorry, but I was not able to find it on the website.

And once again, my shoes are from a brand called Two of a Kind, based in London, which was available on AW LAB, but I cannot find these shoes anymore. They are pretty much identical to the Vans leather slip ons.

I hope you enjoyed this ootd and thank you for reading. See you next time.


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