Outfit of the Day – May 28, 2016

Here I am, with another ootd. As I was walking home with my friend, after walking around town and having breakfast, we passed this really nice and tiny parking spot with an ivy ceiling and a fence of greenery. I have been living near it for 6 years and I only noticed it today. So of course I had to stop and make my friend take pictures of my outfit and I. I am glad that she is pretty good at taking pics, so I am set for the summer. She is also the one who took the pictures on this post.

If you look closely at my face in the next 4 pics, you can see the progression of my smile, since my friend said something along the lines of “Look at what I have to do, look at what I am doing” and I started laughing. Uploading these pics is quite a big step for me, since I do not like my smile, but I think these pictures came out nice.


Back to outfit details, I was wearing a shirt from Tezenis, and I only found out it had slits at the sides when I came home, but I love it even more because of that. Plus, the colour is amazing and I am thinking of purchasing at least another one in a different colour.

The leggings I am wearing are from Golden Point and they are the least see through leggings I have ever owned. Of course, in certain lights you can kind of see past them, but on a normal day, they work just fine. Also, they are the perfect length and are lightweight enough.

Once again, the shoes are slip ons from a brand called Two of a Kind, which I cannot find a link to at the moment. Anyways, they are pretty similar to the Vans slip ons.

The bag, which you can see in the following pictures, I have no idea where it is from since it was a gift from my mother and it has no name on it.


This is my “boy, sit down, I’m about to school you” preparatory look.




I hope you liked this post and thank you so much for reading.


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