Outfit of the Day – June 15, 2016

On the 15th I went to Anzio, a maritime city very famous for its harbour and its role during the Second World War. The city itself is not incredibly big but it is very quiet, even in the summer months, when the city gets filled with tourists.

I decided to stroll around the harbour and along a very long street, which got more and more quiet the more I distanced myself from the harbour. It was beautiful and I regret not taking any pictures. The street itself got higher and higher the more I walked and the sight of the sea from up top was gorgeous.

I decided to dress quite simply for that day and I finally got the opportunity to put on the long shirt I got a while back, in sales. It is from H&M, but from the men’s collection. I got it for €5 and I simply love the colour. The fit is quite baggy and I would not wear it without anything around my waist or my hips even if I were to be wearing heels. I will try and find more ways to dress it up. They still have it here, but it is only available in other colours.

Next, around my waist I tied up a jean shirt, which I got from Asos, from a brand called pimkie. I really like the way it gives dimension to the outfit and I must say it does make my backside look good.

The final piece are my Reebok Classic Sneakers, which I talked about here. They are very comfortable, but they still make me sweat more than any sneakers I have ever owned.


Thank you for reading.


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