A morning in Rome, part 2 – June 17, 2016

This is obviously the second part of this post and, like I mentioned in that post, it is less full of content, since the second church I visited was much more simple and less similar to what I usually like in art.

The main thing I noticed and liked in this church was the use of gold, but unlike in the one I visited beforehand, it is not darkened by the dark background it is on, but highlighted by the white base beneath it.

The main nave is monumental and very decorated, unlike the more simple lateral naves.


The other attraction, so to speak, was the tomb of Cardinal Cesare Baronio, who besides being a man of faith was also a historian. The ceiling of the chapel is ornate with gold an white and the subjects represented are putti.


This is all for my trip in Rome. I hope you enjoyed it and do not forget to check out part one.

Thank you for reading.


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