Capri – July 15, 2016

This was a very unexpected trip. Some family friends decided to come visit Italy all the way from Romania by car and they stayed a night at our house. They invited me on a road trip to Naples which turned in a trip to the island of Capri. I was very very excited for this trip, since Capri is pretty much legendary and I have never been there.

I got up at 3:30am so I could eat and put makeup on, while everybody else woke up at 4am. We then went to pick up some other family members of theirs and started our trip. There were eleven of us in a car made for nine : if it is not illegal, it is not worth it (that was a joke).

It took us about two to three hours to get to the Naples harbour, where we bought the tickets for the ferryboat. I honestly thought the price was going to be higher for an hour and a half trip, but the total for going to Capri and coming back was €24,10.

We got on the ferryboat and for the trip towards the island we decided to stay on deck, not inside. The weather was nice and it was very sunny, but all of that changed when we neared the island, where it was raining and the waters were not exactly still.


As soon as we neared the island, we understood that this was not your typical beachy sight. The cliffs were extremely high and only great divers could jump off of them, while the real beaches had stones instead of sand, so not very practical, despite the warm water.


As soon as we got off the ferry we saw the entire harbour, which is not where the centre of the city is. We then bought tickets for the funicular (an angled sort of cable railway), which got us to the main town of Capri.

There we saw the square, full of restaurants and bars, where each of us grabbed either a coffee (yes, coffee is €5) or some yogurt (that would be me). We actually went inside to stay away from the rain, which became a full on storm, but also had more tranquil moments.



Next, we reached a higher point, after passing most of the expensive shops, where we could truly see in real life where most of the famous pictures of Capri were taken.


Bonus : me, chilling, which will change in the next pictures.

Now, chaos got lit. The wind was crazy, kind of similar to when I visited the Etna volcano. The umbrella was almost whisked away from my hands and I cannot remember the amount of times it got turned over by the wind.


All of this happened when we entered the Gardens of Augustus, where we did not have the time or the patience to notice the flora, just the view.


After this crazy adventure, we went near the harbour again and the sun came out, so we went on the beach to take pictures.


After all of this, we took the ferry back to Naples and it was a smooth journey full of sleep, to and from there. I loved visiting a legendary island where nobody goes because they deem it too expensive : I managed to eat and entertain my spirits with less than €50. I obviously did not get a hotel room, but you could stay at a hotel in Naples and go on a day trip to the island and it would not cost as much; if you do not shop around, of course.

Thank you for reading.


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