Healthy mind in a healthy body

My fitness journey started more than three years ago, when I first stepped foot in a very tiny gym, where I learned the basics of how gym machinery works. Needless to say, when you are a newbie you get strong pretty quickly and you feel very optimistic, only then to discover that the more you workout, the harder it is to hit certain numbers.

Working out has been part of my life for these past years and I must say I love lifting weights and feeling the burn in my muscles, but all of that is worthless unless you have two other things : a healthy mind and a healthy diet.

I have been stuck with my weight and my fitness journey for the past year due to stress and to a not-nutritional enough diet. The stress part has been the most obvious one, since this past school year has been the most intense one so far. Now that I am enjoying summer break, that stress is gone.

The poor dieting has been less obvious, because I do not generally eat bad. I do not buy chips and sweets at the store and I only eat at fast foods once a month, if not less. Enlightenment came when I watched a video Ally Stone made, that you can watch here. In that video she talks about two different types of eating plans, but the one thing that struck me the most was a piece of advice she gave : use MyFitnessPal (an app) to log in what you eat on a daily basis and see where that puts you nutritionally, before making any changes. I did just that and I have noticed that I was eating double that amount of fat that I should have and I never reached my protein and carbs goals.

Therefore, I decided to start counting macros and eat more mindfully : she explains everything perfectly in her video and she also has a tumblr account, where she answers many questions and stresses the importance of mental health.

I have started listening to my body and to what it needs and I hope to see some results in the future.

Thank you for reading.


7 thoughts on “Healthy mind in a healthy body

  1. It’s so easy to eat more than you think. I did the same as you, I started recording what I was eating in a day and it’s crazy how easy it is to go beyond your daily calorie allowance! I was shocked – it all adds up so fast! Best of luck with your new found nutritional enlightenment! 🙂


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