Capitoline Museums – August 19, 2016

This post, which will mainly contain pictures, has been a long time coming. Lately, I have been lacking motivation and determination to keep this blog running, and with school starting again, time has been a resource I have a hard time getting enough of.

Nonetheless, I will try to post every once in a while, especially when I have interesting content to put out.

I hope you enjoy this post.


These are my favourite pictures I took of the works of art on show there. Getting through the museum took ages, since there is so so much to be seen. I highly recommend you checking it out.

Thank you for reading.



Back to School Haul – 2016

I am starting my last year of high school on the 15th of September and I could not be more ready and excited. I cannot wait to start and really give my all to end my high school experience with a bang. I am really motivated because last year was probably the first year I really put in effort to get high grades and it all payed out in the end, since I finished with the highest overall grade in the whole class, tied with a classmate of mine.

I am the kind of person that gets mainly good results even if they do not put in 100%, but that is going to change this year. I want to dominate and never miss a beat. Of course, I decided to stock up on some items I will need this year.

I discovered this new store called Tiger, or Flying Tiger, that originated in Denmark and can now be found in other European countries, like Italy. Their deal is that they have very low priced items, from kitchen utensils to notebooks, and their prices are not in the .99 format, instead they are whole. The only thing I am saddened by is that they do not sell online.

I decided to get a very nice notebook from them, which will serve me more like an agenda, on which I will write sporadical thought and quotes. It cost €2 and it is black with brownish paper. I am in love.


I then bought, from a stationery store near me, a fountain pen, with which I am writing in the notebook above. It is made in Germany by Schneider and it is not that fancy, but it does its job. I use black ink. Random fact : I learned how to write with this kind of pen when I was in first grade, since it was mandatory.


I then bought a school agenda from a brand called No Name; excuse the oxymoron. It is all black and very basic, with no designs on it. I find neutral notes very calming, and I need that at school.


I also got a rechargeable eraser, for when I mess up my notes. It is by Faber-Castell and it looks very professional. It also has a protection silicone cap that slides.

I then bought a four-highlighter pack from Stabilo, called Swing Cool. I do not think that I will use the fuchsia one, since I cannot concentrate when notes or pages are highlighted in that colour, but I will thoroughly use the other three, especially the blue one, since it is the one that calms me the most when I am studying a difficult subject.


Also from Stabilo, I bought a set of 20 point 88 coloured pens, which I will use to take pretty and well organised notes. I tend to write everything in black ink, but this will help with visual memory. I will bring the whole pack with me at school.


Last but not least, I bought a new pencil case from Eastpak, the brand that my backpack is from. I also got it in black, the same colour as said backpack. It is very simple and practical and it holds everything I need, especially the tape that everybody needs from me at all times, do not ask why.


That is about it. I only need to get my textbooks now, and then the school year can start. I hope that this year will be a great and productive one for everybody and that you will surmount every obstacle.

Thank you for reading.


Corsini Gallery – August 19, 2016

I was eager to visit this gallery, since I prefer viewing collections which are exhibited in a more private setting rather than a museum. This gallery is located inside the Palazzo Corsini and boasts works of art from the Renaissance onward. It is not as vast nor as imposing as the Doria Pamphilj Gallery, which I spoke about here, but it is very pleasing nonetheless.

Getting to the building is a bit trickier, since it is located on a not so busy street on the other side of the Tiber river. I advise you to either ask for directions or use the Maps iPhone app or similar, if you decide to visit.



To buy your tickets, you must first go up the flight of stairs and get to the main lobby, where you can find the workers. The ticket was not expensive, costing only €5. The architecture is beautiful and the stairs as well, although I am slightly obsessed with stairs in general.




I did thoroughly enjoy the white theme of the building itself, although the gallery was certainly more colourful. The main entrance to the gallery is a wide but short sort of hallway, where there are a couple of works hanged.



Unfortunately, the light was not used well enough, since taking good picture became quite an effort, or it was simply the wrong time of day. If you want good pictures, do not visit galleries in the morning.

The gallery itself is mainly made of paintings hanging on hallway and room walls, since this used to be a private palace.



I enjoyed the various rooms and how their walls were all painted different colours, giving a different feel to each room.



There is only one floor to the gallery, but there is another flight of stairs which leads to a couple of locked doors. How I wish those doors were open; locked doors in galleries which used to be private residences fascinate me a great deal.

I took the elevator down, which gave me a pretty view of the vast garden downstairs and the landscape behind it.



This is it about my trip to this art gallery and I highly suggest you go visit it if you are staying in Rome for some time. I also visited the Capitoline Museums, which took me way longer, but that deserves a whole post to itself.

Thank you for reading.