I have thought long and hard about making this post, since it is mostly an impulsive one, based on recent events in my personal life.

The word “focus” seems very hard to materialise in our lives, especially nowadays, since everybody seems to lose said “focus” of what they truly want in life. What I mean by that word is complete and utter determination to achieve a certain goal. It is up there with other words like “ambition” and “drive”. It is something that you create and you work with. I do tend to judge people by how these three entities manifest in their lives and I admire people who have the same goal-driven mind like me.

The problem arises when this focus has to be shared by various aspects of one’s life. For example, I am the kind of person completely focused on school and on a future career, so when something else comes into my life, like a possible love interest, my focus unfortunately shifts. I say “unfortunately” because I have noticed, every single time that has happened, that when my focus has to be shared by more than one aspect of my life, the initial goal loses importance. I lose focus of school and my grades go slightly down. I lose focus of keeping myself happy and I start focusing on keeping the other person pleased, which is not how things should be.

I would love to be the kind of woman who can manage all aspects of her life impeccably, but I am not, at least not right now, not at this age. The ability lo balance various aspects of life comes with age and experience, which means that for now, I will have to settle and keep my focus on one single goal.

I have seen the same thing happen to friends of mine, in slightly more drastic ways, such as being almost left behind in school. On a good note, that has not happened to me and it never will, since I will make sure it will not.

The whole purpose of this post, besides trying to bring comfort to other people who might feel the same as me, is to also keep me accountable, to make sure that I do not make the same mistakes and that I do not lose sight, that I do not lose focus of what I truly want in life.

If you ask me, I must quote Beyoncé : “Make sure you have your own life before becoming someone’s wife”. Yes, this might take it to the extreme, but if, for a relationship, you have to let go of your goals, then let me tell you it is not worth it, since your career is the only certainty in this hungry and fast world. Your work, your grind, your hustle, whatever you want to call it, should be the main focus, and once you have that checked, then you can share your focus with whatever else may please you. But for now, I need to get back in my lane, the fast one.

Thank you for reading.




Outfit of the Day – October 8, 2016

I wanted to title this post “Sporty Spice”, but I kept my cool. On this day, I accompanied my friend to the Apple Store to get her phone checked out and since the store is in a mall near Rome, we also had an early dinner at McDonald’s. Listen, I just had to try the Gran Crispy McBacon, I just had to. It was worth it.


I decided to wear a pair of high waisted leggings that I usually wear to the gym. They are from Zara and I talked about them here. They are pretty comfortable, but they tend to slide down between my thighs, if I walk a lot. They are very fitted and they make your waist look great.

As a top, I wore this long sleeved wool crop top that I got a year ago from Zara, so it is unfortunately not available anymore. Regardless, it was the second time I wore it and I love it.

On top, I wore a bomber jacket from H&M, which I also have in green. It is probably my favourite jacket for the fall season. I kind of also want the pink one, do not judge me.

My shoes are from Reebok, for which I made a whole post about here. They are very comfortable and great for this season, since they keep your feet very warm.

My only accessory was my watch from Daniel Wellington. I got it some time ago and I went for the most simple and minimal design of them all, the Classic Sheffield.


Thank you for reading.