Outfit of the Day – October 8, 2016

I wanted to title this post “Sporty Spice”, but I kept my cool. On this day, I accompanied my friend to the Apple Store to get her phone checked out and since the store is in a mall near Rome, we also had an early dinner at McDonald’s. Listen, I just had to try the Gran Crispy McBacon, I just had to. It was worth it.


I decided to wear a pair of high waisted leggings that I usually wear to the gym. They are from Zara and I talked about them here. They are pretty comfortable, but they tend to slide down between my thighs, if I walk a lot. They are very fitted and they make your waist look great.

As a top, I wore this long sleeved wool crop top that I got a year ago from Zara, so it is unfortunately not available anymore. Regardless, it was the second time I wore it and I love it.

On top, I wore a bomber jacket from H&M, which I also have in green. It is probably my favourite jacket for the fall season. I kind of also want the pink one, do not judge me.

My shoes are from Reebok, for which I made a whole post about here. They are very comfortable and great for this season, since they keep your feet very warm.

My only accessory was my watch from Daniel Wellington. I got it some time ago and I went for the most simple and minimal design of them all, the Classic Sheffield.


Thank you for reading.


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