I always get in my feelings as soon as the festive season starts, from Christmas Eve until the New Year. This year though, it has been tougher to see the silver lining. Let me explain.

The festivities are always a bit lonely for me. Yes, on Christmas Eve I was with my parents and it was nice and I appreciated it, since some people do not even get to have that. But we are a small family: it is just the three of us here. The rest are scattered across the globe. I am also an only child, so that doesn’t help.

Christmas Day itself was lonely. The more I scrolled through Insta and watched InstaStories, the more I saw friends with their extensive families, enjoying their company, eating, and playing. I was alone, with my phone, my dog, a cup of tea, Anastasia (the animated film), and Love Actually. For the first time in a looooong couple of months I felt truly alone. But I noticed, both on tumblr and Twitter, that people made posts of solidarity for people who, like me, were lonely or alone these Holidays. It was indeed nice seeing how good people can be.

I am sure I was not the only one who felt like this and I want to say, and reassure you, that everything is temporary. This time will pass, just like everything else, and everything will go back to normal or, for a change, will become even better. All I can say is that you should try and stay busy, be it by watching films, going out for walks, or studying/working.

So keep sipping your tea, watching your rom-coms and scrolling through Insta. You’ve got this, patient wolf.

Thank you for reading and have a merry ending of 2017.



Australia Travel Diary – Part 2

I cannot believe it has taken me this long to make the second part of this post, but here I am and I have a lot to say. Here you can find part 1.

There are also photos taken at the beach that I posted on another post, right here, in a swimsuit review.

For the rest of our trip I took pictures of the scenery and of all the beaches we went to. For example, we went to a pretty private beach, called Golden Beach, with very little sand but great water. Unfortunately, again thanks to the jellyfish alarm, I was too scared to get in.


Another place we visited was a hill near Maleny from where we could see the Glasshouse Mountains, which are very dear to the people native to Australia.


We also went to Point Cartwright where I sunbathed a bit and then took some pictures of the ocean.


Our flight back was less eventful and I could not wait getting back home. It was an amazing and fun trip with family and if I ever am to come back to Australia, I would have to stay for at least a month to really enjoy it as it should be enjoyed.

Thank you for reading.


Haul – 2016 Winter Sale

So the 2016 winter sale started in early January. I am the kind of person who likes to save money and go shopping in the winter and summer sales, looking for things that I actually need, rather than just grabbing what I think looks cute, even if I know I will not wear it twice. I have bought some of my mostly worn/used items during sales and I know that also this year I got some very useful items for a bargain price.

The first item I want to talk about is my Timberland boots! You have no idea for how long I planned to get a pair of Timbs, but never really dared to because they cost about € 210, which is quite a lot. But I got very lucky when I was casually looking through Athlete’s World website and saw that the black boots were on sale for € 140. I immediately ordered them and I got them two days later. Let me tell you, they keep my feet extremely warm. They are indeed heavier than most boots, but that just shows how well-made they are since they serve their purpose. I think that I got value for my money. This is the link, but they only ship to Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal.



Next, I went shopping in a big shopping centre near Rome and I decided to visit some of my favourite stores, like Zara and H&M.

From Zara I got one of the things I’ve been lusting after for about two months. It is a tote and it is the most gorgeous and minimalist black leather bag I have ever laid eyes on, in my price range. It reminds me of those old bags doctors would bring along to their patient’s houses. Anyways, the original price was € 40 and it was on sale for € 30. Here is the link.



Also from Zara, I bought an oversized grey t-shirt that I consider a basic top that I’ve wanted for ages and now I finally got it. IMG_4871


Right after Zara, I went to H&M and got myself a couple of basics. I live off of basic items and that is what I want my wardrobe to me made of.

I got a very long t-shirt from the Divided part of the store. It is a men’s shirt, but I will definitely wear it as a dress since it almost reaches my knees. I got it in beige but there are many more colours. Here is the link.


Also from the men’s section I got the best-fitting sweatshirt I could dream of. Men’s sweatshirts are so much more flattering than women’s and they cost less, from what I have noticed. This one is from the collection that David Beckham did with H&M and it looks great. It is in a sand colour and I love it. I unfortunately could not find it on their website. You can see it worn by me on my Instagram, right here.IMG_4878


Next, I went to Athlete’s World, to see if they had the Timbs I then ordered online. While I was there, I got a new sweatshirt. It is grey and looks worn. It has elbow patches and I really like it because it has a neckline similar to that of the sweatshirt above.The brand I got it from is called Down Up. It was € 3o and I got it for € 15. Here is the link.



Also from the same brand I got a pair of grey sweatpants. They fit just great, not too loose nor too tight. Again, they were € 30 and I got them for €15. Here is the link.



I managed to get to the Calvin Klein store in order to get a pair of jeans. When it comes to jeans, I am very very picky since most do not fit my body right. I tried on a first pair and they didn’t fit great. The second pair fit amazingly and I had to buy them. They are mid rise and I love that, since low rise is a no-no for me and high rise is a bit too retro.


Next stop was Tezenis, an Italian brand mostly known for underwear. They have also expanded to loungewear and casual clothing. They have plenty of basics to choose from and I in fact chose a cardigan and two basic tank tops.



I have also done some makeup shopping. I had run out of a couple of things and decided to use this sale to restock. First, I went to KIKO and got a full coverage concealer for my spots, a brow spoolie to groom my brows and a couple of matte nude nail polishes to start my basic nail colour collection. Then I got the Voluminous mascara from L’Oréal, which is the same one that Kim Kardashian West’s makeup artist, Mario, uses. Let me tell you, it is the best mascara I have ever used and I am not lying.


This was about it for shopping adventure.