WYCON Nude Collection Liquid Lipsticks – Review

Liquid lipsticks are a passion of mine, I must say, and these Wycon ones are pretty good.

For those who might not know the brand, Wycon is relatively new on the market. It is very similar in its modus operandi to KIKO, from their main products to their frequent limited edition collections.

One product I think is better than most, at this price range, are the liquid lipstick. They have a massive array of shades and they recently came out with the Nude Collection, which is not as “nude” as I hoped it would be.

Regardless, I bought two shades:

78 – Terra


This is the nudest beigey nude I could find. It has a slight cool brown/grey tint to it, and I love it. It is slightly darker than what would be considered a classic nude for my skin tone, which means it would look amazing on darker ones. The lasting power is as good as you can get with a liquid lipstick. The plus about these lip products is that they do not go patchy with wear, they just fade, which I prefer. I wear them all day, from 7am to when I get home at 3pm and I still have them on.

81 – The Real


This shade is slightly peachier, but still with a cool background. All praise applies fo this shade as well. Actually, it might be more wearable than its predecessor.

I love these lipsticks and besides the ones mentioned I have two more, from their permanent collection.
The only down side is probably that some shades could be slightly sheer when you apply them, so I suggest using a liner.


Score: 7.5/10

Thank you for reading.



Look of the Day – July 9, 2017

I am back in the swing of things with this amazing impromptu photoshoot that my friend partook in; you can find her on Instagram here. Later in the evening we went to the pool where there were some salsa and bachata classes, so I felt like this dress was necessary. I bought it on sale from a store called Nuna Lie, but I am unable to find this particular dress on their site.


I have never been one for colour, but I want this summer to be full of flowy dresses, both floral and not. Being able to feel the air and wind is phenomenal. Also, the colour scheme on this dress is lovely, with pinks and dusty pastels.

I also decided to do something different with my makeup. I do not normally use colours, but since I have a couple of palettes I wanted to give it a try. I used the “En Taupe” palette by Zoeva, mainly the purple and lilac shades.


And to top everything off, here we have a moment where I do not have my resting bitch face on. Surprise. That might be because I am happy as of late.


I hope you enjoyed seeing these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. Thank you so much for reading.


Maybelline Instant Age Rewind Concealer – Review

I am pretty sure that all of you already know about this concealer, but I just had to review it myself. This Age Rewind concealer by Maybelline has been the star of the show for the past year, I would say. It appears in almost every Instagram and Youtube video, therefore I felt compelled to buy it.


It was like looking for a treasure, since no store that I went to had it, but I got lucky and went to a supermarket (Esselunga, if you live in Italy), where I finally found it. Unfortunately, at least here in Italy, they only carry 2 shades, very similar, made for light to medium skin tones. I got very lucky, since I am pretty fair, but anyone with a slightly darker skin tone than mine would end up with nothing.



The price is pretty fair, at €9. It has the same quantity of product as the Fit Me Concealer, although it is slightly thicker.

Putting it to the test, I was pleasantly surprised on how smooth it was. It fills up every line and pore, for a seamless coverage. The shade I have, Light, is slightly ashy, so I have to set it with a warm toned powder. It definitely has way more lasting power than its competitor, the Fit Me Concealer.


I am very happy with this product and I probably will purchase it again.

Score : 8,5/10

Thank you for reading.


Makeup of the day – August 1, 2016

I must admit that I did not go anywhere wearing this makeup, since I only applied it to take pictures. Shame me all you want, I felt like doing another makeup of the day post and so I did.

I recently came to the conclusion that I do not experiment enough with makeup and colour, since all of my looks are very neutral and basic. I also noticed that I have not used a lot of my colours from my makeup palettes that are actually very pretty, only because they are slightly more colourful.

So this is my first step out of my comfort zone, which is not really a comfort zone : I have no problem wearing this look out, I just do not tend to create it when I go out. I also attempted a little nose contour, which did not succeed as well as I wanted it too, but it is barely noticeable, so we are fine.

Product list below :


Face :

Foundation : L’Oréal True Match in shade N2

Concealer : Maybelline Fit Me in shade 15 Fair

Powder : Wycon Compact Powder in shade 01

Bronzer/Contour : Wycon Bronzing Powder in shade 04

Blush : Malibu Glitz in Coral

Highlighter : KIKO not available anymore


Eyes :

Brow Powder : Kleancolor Brow Kit in Dark Brown

Eyeshadow Primer : Kleancolor Primer in Matte

Eyeshadow : I used the ZOEVA Cocoa Blend palette and, specifically, the shades Bitter Start as a base, Substitute for Love, Freshly Toasted, and Subtle Blend in the crease and Warm Tones on my lower lash line.

Eyeliner : L.A. Colors Liquid Eyeliner in Black

Mascara : L’Oréal Voluminous Mascara in Blackest Black

Lips : 

Liquid Lipstick : Wycon Liquid Lipstick in shade 06


I posted this look on tumblr and it has gotten a nice feedback. I also will be posting a picture on Instagram too, so stay posted.

Thank you for reading.


Favourite Drugstore Foundation ATM

I have been religiously wearing foundation for the last four years, and that means that I have tried many different types and finishes. I have tried many brands, although only high-street ones, or drugstore, as an American would say. I have found good ones and I have also found bad ones. But now, I have finally found the best drugstore foundation.

I am sure many of you already know about the L’Oréal Pro-Matte foundation, since it came out last year and every youtuber, blogger and beauty influencer talked about it, wether they were sent a sample or not.

What makes this foundation special is the medium to full coverage and the matte effect it gives, once dried. I have been wearing this foundation for the past three or so months and I love it dearly. Does it last all day? No, unless you wear a primer, which is something that I must learn to do. Are there enough shades? It depends on where you live : for example, I live in Italy and here the main skin tone is the “mediterranean” one, so finding very light (for me) or very dark shades is pretty tricky, but if you buy it online, you might find your shade. Does it oxidise (get dark once dry)? Only slightly, in my opinion. It matches my neck perfectly once freshly put on, but gets slightly darker once dried, but it is wearable.

I wear shade 20 Sable Sand, but next time I would like to get it one shade lighter. I prefer to apply it with a beauty blender, but before owning one, it went on perfectly with my fingers.

Score : 9/10, because I would like even more coverage and lasting power.

Thank you for reading.


Makeup of the Day – May 22, 2016

This is the first time I am making this sort of post and I hope you are satisfied with the photos, since I am unable to take any professional ones, not having a camera nor any friends/boyfriends to take the pictures.

Anyways, I went to a birthday party on the 22nd and I was slightly overdressed, since the party was quite toned down. Regardless, I do think that being overdressed is better than being underdressed, and same goes for makeup. I rarely wear red lipstick, but I just felt like it that day.

I have not done my hair or makeup so fancy in a long time, so it was refreshing to say the least. I am going to list all of the products and the links below, after the shameless selfies :


Foundation : Infallible Pro-Matte by L’Oréal in european shade 20, sand;

Concealer : Fit Me by Maybelline in shade 15 and Full Coverage Concealer by KIKO in shade 02;

Powder : WYCON Compact Powder in shade 01;

Brows : products listed in my Shop Miss a haul, part 1 and part 2;

Eye Makeup : Urban Decay Naked 1 palette;

Liner : listed in the haul above;

Mascara : Voluminous by L’Oréal;

Bronzer : WYCON Bronzing Powder in shade 04;

Blush : None;

Highlighter : a discontinued one by KIKO over the All-Over Stick by elf cosmetics in Spotlight;

Lips : WYCON Liquid Lipstick in shade 16.

Thank you so much for reading this and I really hope you liked it.


My hair journey

Turning into a teenager and starting high school four years ago meant being thrown into the world of balayage or ombre hair. Of course, as soon as I saw the way it looked on certain celebrities and models, I had to have it. My mum was not particularly fond of the idea, but she accepted it and accompanied me to the hair salon.

Four years ago I had my first balayage, which means that the lower ends of my hair were bleached ever so slightly to give it some dimension. I, unfortunately, do not have any pictures of that first change. I then went back to the salon, about six months after, and had it re-done, a bit higher up on my length. That was an even bigger change and I loved it. Again, I have no pictures saved on my computer, so I cannot show you.

My hair started growing and of course the colour started vanishing with every trim I had. Being a smart ass, I decided to buy the new L’Oréal dyes made especially for that effect. They were called Feria, if I am not mistaken. I had my mum dye it, since she used to be a hairstylist many years ago and the result came out decent. Of course, it was not salon quality and way too one dimensional, but it was not horrible. If you ask me if I recommend it, I would say no. The result was okay, at first, but then it started becoming more yellow, which is what happens if you do not get it toned. So I was left with a Beyoncé colour, which does look great on her skin tone, but most definitely not on mine.

Processed with VSCOcam with lv01 preset
I looked extremely glamorous here with curled hair, but you could see the mistakes when the hair was straight.

As a new school year approached, I decided to cut my hair to my shoulders. I was tired of the blonde and I wanted my natural hair colour back. So that is what I did and I loved my hair.

Processed with VSCOcam with hb2 preset
I forgot about this picture, but you can see the ends were still a bit blonde.

All was well until last year, around this time, I decided I wanted the Kim Kardashian after birth hairstyle, which was pretty much blonde. So I switched up my hair salon and went to another one which was supposed to be the best in this particular type of hair colouring. It was disastrous at first, since they also bleached part of my bangs, and the blonde was way too yellow.

Processed with VSCOcam with a6 preset
Smiling through the pain.

I then went back and then darkened my roots. That made the process less traumatic and for all three months of summer, I was blonde. I got used to it and wanted to keep it, since most people said I looked great, once my natural hair started growing out and it looked like there was less blonde.


In September, once again, I decided to dye my hair as dark as my natural hair colour, which was obviously quite impossible, but I did it anyway. I went to my original hair salon and decided on a hair colour and I ended up very happy with the final result.

I apparently also got my side bangs cut, a bad decision, now that I think of it. PS: the room is not mine, of course; you know I would never use those colours or have puppets laying around.

Of course, dark dyes do not last very long on blonde hair, so my hair started to turn copper, aka not cute. You can get a better look at it here, on my post about my visit to the Vatican.


Therefore, I had my hair dyed again that same colour and about four weeks ago it started turning copper again, which made me want to dye it. Getting your hair dyed at a salon costs a lot so I turned to boxed dyes again, which could have been a disaster, but it turned out way better than I expected.

I bought the Garnier Olia in the shade “Dark Brown” and made my mum dye my hair. The result was, of course, a bit darker at first, but as of now it matches my natural hair colour and there is no fading. I was very impressed with it. Since the ends of my hair were a bit burned from the dyes and the hair tools I tend to use quite often, I also made my mum cut my hair in a slight V shape at the back and leave my bangs alone, since I want them to be almost the same length as the rest of my hair.

This is me as of a couple of days ago, pretty happy with life, although it does not look like it.

So, my final decision is to let my hair be. I want it to grow and go back to my natural hair colour, without having to use dyes again. I also started using my hair tools less and less, trying to de-stress my hair. Fingers crossed, my hair will be long and healthy by September.

Thank you for reading.