Look of the Day – July 9, 2017

I am back in the swing of things with this amazing impromptu photoshoot that my friend partook in; you can find her on Instagram here. Later in the evening we went to the pool where there were some salsa and bachata classes, so I felt like this dress was necessary. I bought it on sale from a store called Nuna Lie, but I am unable to find this particular dress on their site.


I have never been one for colour, but I want this summer to be full of flowy dresses, both floral and not. Being able to feel the air and wind is phenomenal. Also, the colour scheme on this dress is lovely, with pinks and dusty pastels.

I also decided to do something different with my makeup. I do not normally use colours, but since I have a couple of palettes I wanted to give it a try. I used the “En Taupe” palette by Zoeva, mainly the purple and lilac shades.


And to top everything off, here we have a moment where I do not have my resting bitch face on. Surprise. That might be because I am happy as of late.


I hope you enjoyed seeing these photos as much as I enjoyed taking them. Thank you so much for reading.



Outfit of the Day – October 8, 2016

I wanted to title this post “Sporty Spice”, but I kept my cool. On this day, I accompanied my friend to the Apple Store to get her phone checked out and since the store is in a mall near Rome, we also had an early dinner at McDonald’s. Listen, I just had to try the Gran Crispy McBacon, I just had to. It was worth it.


I decided to wear a pair of high waisted leggings that I usually wear to the gym. They are from Zara and I talked about them here. They are pretty comfortable, but they tend to slide down between my thighs, if I walk a lot. They are very fitted and they make your waist look great.

As a top, I wore this long sleeved wool crop top that I got a year ago from Zara, so it is unfortunately not available anymore. Regardless, it was the second time I wore it and I love it.

On top, I wore a bomber jacket from H&M, which I also have in green. It is probably my favourite jacket for the fall season. I kind of also want the pink one, do not judge me.

My shoes are from Reebok, for which I made a whole post about here. They are very comfortable and great for this season, since they keep your feet very warm.

My only accessory was my watch from Daniel Wellington. I got it some time ago and I went for the most simple and minimal design of them all, the Classic Sheffield.


Thank you for reading.


Best Shorts on the High Street

One of my summer fashion missions was finding a pair of shorts that suited me and fit me like a glove. The problem with most brands is that they offer designs only made for women with a certain waist to butt ratio. My problem is that, while I have a waist best suited for a size M, my butt is a size L.

Had I gotten a pair of shorts from those brands, I would have ended up with a way too tight waistline or my thighs would have been squished out. Also, I wanted shorts that did not need a belt to be tighter around the waist.

My search also consisted of looking through Instagram accounts and seeing if any women were wearing cute, tight and not expensive shorts. I could not believe my eyes when I found this picture  and I asked the girl in the photo where she got her shorts. To my surprise, she got them from Bershka, right here, for €12,99.

You know what? I had actually seen these shorts on the site, but the biggest problem with retailers is that they usually use stick-thin models, on whom you can never see how stretchy the material is. I finally ordered two pairs, the black and the dark blue denim ones and I must say I am extremely happy with my purchase, especially since they are also high waisted.

The only question mark is that, despite getting the same size for both pairs, the black shorts are slightly larger than the denim ones. It is not a problem, since they both fit great, it is just curious.


Thank you for reading.


Capri – July 15, 2016

This was a very unexpected trip. Some family friends decided to come visit Italy all the way from Romania by car and they stayed a night at our house. They invited me on a road trip to Naples which turned in a trip to the island of Capri. I was very very excited for this trip, since Capri is pretty much legendary and I have never been there.

I got up at 3:30am so I could eat and put makeup on, while everybody else woke up at 4am. We then went to pick up some other family members of theirs and started our trip. There were eleven of us in a car made for nine : if it is not illegal, it is not worth it (that was a joke).

It took us about two to three hours to get to the Naples harbour, where we bought the tickets for the ferryboat. I honestly thought the price was going to be higher for an hour and a half trip, but the total for going to Capri and coming back was €24,10.

We got on the ferryboat and for the trip towards the island we decided to stay on deck, not inside. The weather was nice and it was very sunny, but all of that changed when we neared the island, where it was raining and the waters were not exactly still.


As soon as we neared the island, we understood that this was not your typical beachy sight. The cliffs were extremely high and only great divers could jump off of them, while the real beaches had stones instead of sand, so not very practical, despite the warm water.


As soon as we got off the ferry we saw the entire harbour, which is not where the centre of the city is. We then bought tickets for the funicular (an angled sort of cable railway), which got us to the main town of Capri.

There we saw the square, full of restaurants and bars, where each of us grabbed either a coffee (yes, coffee is €5) or some yogurt (that would be me). We actually went inside to stay away from the rain, which became a full on storm, but also had more tranquil moments.



Next, we reached a higher point, after passing most of the expensive shops, where we could truly see in real life where most of the famous pictures of Capri were taken.


Bonus : me, chilling, which will change in the next pictures.

Now, chaos got lit. The wind was crazy, kind of similar to when I visited the Etna volcano. The umbrella was almost whisked away from my hands and I cannot remember the amount of times it got turned over by the wind.


All of this happened when we entered the Gardens of Augustus, where we did not have the time or the patience to notice the flora, just the view.


After this crazy adventure, we went near the harbour again and the sun came out, so we went on the beach to take pictures.


After all of this, we took the ferry back to Naples and it was a smooth journey full of sleep, to and from there. I loved visiting a legendary island where nobody goes because they deem it too expensive : I managed to eat and entertain my spirits with less than €50. I obviously did not get a hotel room, but you could stay at a hotel in Naples and go on a day trip to the island and it would not cost as much; if you do not shop around, of course.

Thank you for reading.


Outfit of the Day – July 12, 2016

I am finally back with another outfit of the day, although on this particular day I did not go anywhere important or fancy; I simply went to driving school, but I decided to wear something new, the shirt, which I just bought on a shopping trip in Rome, that you can read about here. I never go anywhere anymore, so I just thought I would “dress up” for no reason.

So, the pièce de résistance is obviously the long and oversized striped dress shirt, which I talked about more in detail in my haul post, but regardless it is from Zara and I could not find it on their website anymore, but they do have more oversized shirts like these, so just dig into their site or others, like Asos.

On the bottom I am wearing a pair of white shorts, which I do not particularly like, simply because they do not fit me properly, as in they fit my butt but they are too loose around my waist. They are from Tally Weijl, but they are not available anymore, and trust me, you are not missing out. I plan on buying a new pair, but made of denim, from Levi’s or something like that, where you pay a bit more, but they actually fit you right.

To keep my pants up, I was wearing a belt on which I made more holes since again, the belt was not tight enough, despite being a size S, from H&M. I really wish I would not have to wear belts, but unfortunately it is very rare that I find good enough pants.

On my feet, I was wearing a pair of blue Converse. They used to be more intensely coloured, but after washing them quite often in the past three years, they turned to a more denim-like hue and I do not mind it one bit. You can find them here.

Finally, on my wrist I was wearing a watch by Morello, but I got it as a gift years ago and I cannot find the model anymore. Anyways, the plating kind of rubbed off, which I do not mind that much, but if you plan on getting a good watch, invest in good brands or at least, in materials that do not get damaged with wear.


Thank you for reading.


Outfit of the Day – June 15, 2016

On the 15th I went to Anzio, a maritime city very famous for its harbour and its role during the Second World War. The city itself is not incredibly big but it is very quiet, even in the summer months, when the city gets filled with tourists.

I decided to stroll around the harbour and along a very long street, which got more and more quiet the more I distanced myself from the harbour. It was beautiful and I regret not taking any pictures. The street itself got higher and higher the more I walked and the sight of the sea from up top was gorgeous.

I decided to dress quite simply for that day and I finally got the opportunity to put on the long shirt I got a while back, in sales. It is from H&M, but from the men’s collection. I got it for €5 and I simply love the colour. The fit is quite baggy and I would not wear it without anything around my waist or my hips even if I were to be wearing heels. I will try and find more ways to dress it up. They still have it here, but it is only available in other colours.

Next, around my waist I tied up a jean shirt, which I got from Asos, from a brand called pimkie. I really like the way it gives dimension to the outfit and I must say it does make my backside look good.

The final piece are my Reebok Classic Sneakers, which I talked about here. They are very comfortable, but they still make me sweat more than any sneakers I have ever owned.


Thank you for reading.


Outfit of the Day – May 28, 2016

Here I am, with another ootd. As I was walking home with my friend, after walking around town and having breakfast, we passed this really nice and tiny parking spot with an ivy ceiling and a fence of greenery. I have been living near it for 6 years and I only noticed it today. So of course I had to stop and make my friend take pictures of my outfit and I. I am glad that she is pretty good at taking pics, so I am set for the summer. She is also the one who took the pictures on this post.

If you look closely at my face in the next 4 pics, you can see the progression of my smile, since my friend said something along the lines of “Look at what I have to do, look at what I am doing” and I started laughing. Uploading these pics is quite a big step for me, since I do not like my smile, but I think these pictures came out nice.


Back to outfit details, I was wearing a shirt from Tezenis, and I only found out it had slits at the sides when I came home, but I love it even more because of that. Plus, the colour is amazing and I am thinking of purchasing at least another one in a different colour.

The leggings I am wearing are from Golden Point and they are the least see through leggings I have ever owned. Of course, in certain lights you can kind of see past them, but on a normal day, they work just fine. Also, they are the perfect length and are lightweight enough.

Once again, the shoes are slip ons from a brand called Two of a Kind, which I cannot find a link to at the moment. Anyways, they are pretty similar to the Vans slip ons.

The bag, which you can see in the following pictures, I have no idea where it is from since it was a gift from my mother and it has no name on it.


This is my “boy, sit down, I’m about to school you” preparatory look.




I hope you liked this post and thank you so much for reading.