Haul – 2017 Winter Sale

I finally went shopping this season and I have to say I am not too displeased with the results, although I still need some items.

I went shopping with the intention of buying office attire for my New York trip in March, but I only bought two items with that purpose. Let’s start.

1 .  Huge Scarf – H&M


I bought this extremely long and fluffy scarf because it has been freezing lately here in Italy. It even snowed in Sicily, just to give you an idea. So I got this scarf, although it was not on sale and I could not find it on the website. It is a light grey with a very slight blue tint. It cost €14,99 and it feels like cashmere, although it is 100% acrylic.

2. Basic T-Shirt – H&M


I already have a couple of tees like this, but I could not help myself because this colour is extremely pretty. It is a neutral grey with warm tones and I am a sucker for it. It cost €9,99 and it was not on sale, since basics never are, in my experience. I got in in a size S.

3. Knitted Pullover – H&M


Again, I bought this pullover mainly for the colour but also for the semi-deep v-neck. I love sweaters with this cut, since I consider them very sexy and feminine. On the side I could only find it in the colour black. It originally cost €24,99 but I paid €10 for it. I got it in a size S.

4. Blazer – H&M


I really needed a blazer for New York and I found a pretty simple black on for €24,99 although not on sale. It fits nicely and it is tighter around the waist, which is what I was looking for. I got it in a size US 6, EUR 36.

5. Bomber Jacker – Pull & Bear


I know, I have a problem. I just love jackets and bomber jackets in particular. I already have a black one and an army green one, but I really wanted this one. The colour is gorgeous and I got it even though it was not on sale, for €29,99. It has an edgier look than my other ones and I cannot wait to wear it. I got it in a size M.

6. Crop Top – Pull & Bear


This is a very cropped crop top with a crossover neckline. I would wear it with high waisted jeans or with a high waisted skirt. It is knitted and it was on sale for €5,99 reduced from €12,99. I got it in a size S.

7. Sporty Crop Top – Pull & Bear

This crop top just augments my ambition to have abs. I really want to wear it at the gym without worrying about my stomach. I could not find it on the site, unfortunately. It has “GIRL GANG” printed on the bottom and it looks very nice on. I got it in a size S.

8. Tulle Dress – Pull & Bear

The love I have for this dress is immense. I never thought this type of dress would flatter my body shape, but this particular one does. It is not too short and it fits very nicely, while still being flowy. It cost €19,99 and it was again, not on sale.

9. Knit Dress – Zara


Once again, I could not find this particular dress on the site and it is honestly a shame. It is so beautiful on and not too tight. It must be sold out almost everywhere, since I also got the last one in the store. It was reduced form €49,99 to €19,99, so it is probably the best bargain here.

10. Flowy Shirt – Zara


I needed a shirt like this for my New York trip and I am glad I found it. I love how it is not stark white and how it looks very classic. And yes, you guessed right, it is not on the site anymore.

Well, this is all for now. I hope you enjoyed it and thank you for reading.










Haul – 2016 Summer Sale

I finally went shopping on a fine Saturday with my mother on Via del Corso, possibly the most famous street in Rome, full of shops, both high end and high street. If you fancy more expensive brands, like Moschino or Chanel, you should visit Via del Babuino, which is a parallel street to Via del Corso.

Firstly, as soon as I got off the train I went to Coin, which is kind of a department store that has many beauty and fashion brands, mostly between high end and high street : they have MAC, but also L’Oréal and even Chanel. Needless to say, I almost had a heart attack when I saw that they had RealTechniques brushes. I unfortunately had planned all of my expenses and I could not get any, but in hindsight I should have, since I did not buy everything I had planned. I now know where to buy those brushes, other than online.

Then I went to Sephora and finally got myself a beauty blender. I have wanted this for so long and I even had trouble finding it, being such a little object. I got myself the classic pink one and it cost € 16,90. I already tried it with concealer and it works so so well.


I then took the bus and went to Piazza Venezia, from where I walked to Zara. This store is huge : it has four floors, but not all of the employees are nice, so try not to rub them the wrong way. It was pretty much chaos and I could not find the left shoe from a pair of sandals I really wanted to get and that I will buy online, here.

I did get other items, though.

Firstly, I got a long, asymmetrical and oversized striped dress shirt which would look so so tucked in a pair of jeans or by itself, as a dress, since it is moderately long in the front and quite long in the back. If you somehow find it and want to get it, keep in mind that I got an XS and it fits big. I could not find it on their site, which may be logical, since I am pretty sure I got the last one in the store. The original price was € 19,95 and it was reduced to € 12,99.


I then got two pairs of gym leggings and I must say they pass almost every test : they are as not see through as you would hope from a pair of leggings, the material is comfortable, they have a very high waist and they also are body shaping, although not crazy. They did pass the squat test, which I proudly did in the fitting room. They are not on sale, but they are part of the new collection and they were € 12,95 a pair. You can find them here. The picture on their site is much better than mine.


I finally arrived at H&M, where of course I did not find anything I initially wanted, but I left with equal amount of stuff. I immediately saw a top from the new collection and fell in love. The price may be exaggerated, but it is so flattering and it is such a pretty colour and shape that I just had to have it. You can find the top in white and red here.


I finally got around to buying a plain black t-shirt. It is not extremely fitted and I love the way the material is slightly see-through and distressed. It would look great with any type of outfit: casual, office or night out. It was not on sale and I got it for € 9,99 in the XS size and even this small it is not tight. You can get it here.


Now, my most loved new item of clothing : an army green/olive green bomber jacket. You have no idea how conflicted I was a couple of months ago, when I got my black one. I was really torn between those two colours, but I decided to get the black one, since it is a staple. So now I got this green one and I could not be any happier. It was again, not on sale, and I pair it € 29,99. I got it in a size smaller than my black one, a 38, and it fits just as well. The hardware on this one is golden, while on the black one it is silver. You can get it here, but the price is € 5 more expensive, weirdly enough.


Next up, probably the most boring item : a pack of five pairs of no-see socks made of cotton. I already had some pairs, but they were made of another material that slipped and made my feet sweat, so I am pretty happy with my purchase. I paid € 7,99 for them but I cannot find them on the site.


I am adding these next 2 items, even though I did not buy them the other day, but last week, when I went to Romania (here) and found an H&M.

I got the most basic white v-neck t-shirt I could find because I really needed one. It is very fitting and I wish I had bought a bigger size, so it would hang more loosely, but I love it regardless. I got it for € 4,99 but it is sold out on the site, here, although you can still get it in pink and in a very light grey.



Now, the last item I also wish I had gotten in a bigger size, since it is very, very tight, but I have to buy a nice and seamless bra to wear under it and maybe lose a kilo and tone up my stomach a bit more. It is a beautiful nice bodysuit that looks amazing on. The colour is beautiful and the neckline is not too plunging. I got it for € 12,99 here and keep it mind it is very tight.


And this is all for this haul. I do plan on going shopping again since some family friends will be visiting and we will of course take them shopping.

I hope you enjoyed reading and thank you.


Haul – 2016 Winter Sale

So the 2016 winter sale started in early January. I am the kind of person who likes to save money and go shopping in the winter and summer sales, looking for things that I actually need, rather than just grabbing what I think looks cute, even if I know I will not wear it twice. I have bought some of my mostly worn/used items during sales and I know that also this year I got some very useful items for a bargain price.

The first item I want to talk about is my Timberland boots! You have no idea for how long I planned to get a pair of Timbs, but never really dared to because they cost about € 210, which is quite a lot. But I got very lucky when I was casually looking through Athlete’s World website and saw that the black boots were on sale for € 140. I immediately ordered them and I got them two days later. Let me tell you, they keep my feet extremely warm. They are indeed heavier than most boots, but that just shows how well-made they are since they serve their purpose. I think that I got value for my money. This is the link, but they only ship to Germany, the Netherlands, Italy, France, Spain, and Portugal.



Next, I went shopping in a big shopping centre near Rome and I decided to visit some of my favourite stores, like Zara and H&M.

From Zara I got one of the things I’ve been lusting after for about two months. It is a tote and it is the most gorgeous and minimalist black leather bag I have ever laid eyes on, in my price range. It reminds me of those old bags doctors would bring along to their patient’s houses. Anyways, the original price was € 40 and it was on sale for € 30. Here is the link.



Also from Zara, I bought an oversized grey t-shirt that I consider a basic top that I’ve wanted for ages and now I finally got it. IMG_4871


Right after Zara, I went to H&M and got myself a couple of basics. I live off of basic items and that is what I want my wardrobe to me made of.

I got a very long t-shirt from the Divided part of the store. It is a men’s shirt, but I will definitely wear it as a dress since it almost reaches my knees. I got it in beige but there are many more colours. Here is the link.


Also from the men’s section I got the best-fitting sweatshirt I could dream of. Men’s sweatshirts are so much more flattering than women’s and they cost less, from what I have noticed. This one is from the collection that David Beckham did with H&M and it looks great. It is in a sand colour and I love it. I unfortunately could not find it on their website. You can see it worn by me on my Instagram, right here.IMG_4878


Next, I went to Athlete’s World, to see if they had the Timbs I then ordered online. While I was there, I got a new sweatshirt. It is grey and looks worn. It has elbow patches and I really like it because it has a neckline similar to that of the sweatshirt above.The brand I got it from is called Down Up. It was € 3o and I got it for € 15. Here is the link.



Also from the same brand I got a pair of grey sweatpants. They fit just great, not too loose nor too tight. Again, they were € 30 and I got them for €15. Here is the link.



I managed to get to the Calvin Klein store in order to get a pair of jeans. When it comes to jeans, I am very very picky since most do not fit my body right. I tried on a first pair and they didn’t fit great. The second pair fit amazingly and I had to buy them. They are mid rise and I love that, since low rise is a no-no for me and high rise is a bit too retro.


Next stop was Tezenis, an Italian brand mostly known for underwear. They have also expanded to loungewear and casual clothing. They have plenty of basics to choose from and I in fact chose a cardigan and two basic tank tops.



I have also done some makeup shopping. I had run out of a couple of things and decided to use this sale to restock. First, I went to KIKO and got a full coverage concealer for my spots, a brow spoolie to groom my brows and a couple of matte nude nail polishes to start my basic nail colour collection. Then I got the Voluminous mascara from L’Oréal, which is the same one that Kim Kardashian West’s makeup artist, Mario, uses. Let me tell you, it is the best mascara I have ever used and I am not lying.


This was about it for shopping adventure.