Nike Air Max Thea Premium in Desert Camo – Review

You do not have any idea of how much I have wanted this pair of shoes for the past two years nor how near and far I went looking for them. No shop had them, no online store, no nothing.

Until Nike decided to bring them back right in time for my birthday and this was my gift from my parents. They are probably my favourite shoes at the time and I love them.


The problem was not finding this style of shoe as much as finding the colour, Desert Came, that everyone loves and it is always the first on to sell out.

If you wear a big size, you might have luck on the Nike site, here, where there are two sizes available. I bought mine on Zalando when they were also on sale, for no reason. I finally got lucky for once.


I was a bit scared before buying them, because reviews on the site said that they were not comfortable. I do not agree with that in the slightest: they are the most comfortable pair of sneakers that I own. In my opinion, you should get half a size up, which is what I did, and they fit perfectly.


They are a pretty costly shoe, €130 on the website, but in my opinion they are totally worth the investment, since you can pair them up with everything.


It isΒ indeed a premium shoe and it feels like it 100%.

Score: 10/10

Thank you for reading.




Second pair of Reebok sneakers

The time has come for me to accept the fact that I have a problem, and that is being obsessed with sneakers. I am not exaggerating. Some time ago I had a thing for heels and I wanted all shades of stilettos and pumps and sandals and all of that, but lately, and it most certainly it is because of a certain Instagram sensation, SherlinaΒ (you have to follow her), my love for heels became an obsession with sneakers.

A couple of months ago, I bought my very first pair of Reebok sneakers and you can check them out here. So, of course I could not stop there; I decided to buy another pair, but this time I wanted them to be in a neutral colour, so I set my mind on white. I absolutely love these shoes : yes, it is an investment and yes, they are hard to care for since you always have to clean them, but they are so so worth it. You can pair them up with anything and they look amazing.

One thing I also noticed is that this type of shoes make me look slightly taller and they make my legs look quite defined and toned, so I obviously love that. I do think that every girl has to have at least one pair of these.

The only problem is that, since they are quite heavy as a material, they make your feet stink, and I am not the only person who says that. But, at night I put some baking soda in a pair of socks and leave them inside the shoes and the next morning they smell like freshly washed.

I am in love.

Thank you for reading.


New Kicks

I finally bought my very first pair of sneakers that I will not use for working out. I am very proud of myself, because I changed my mentality : before deciding to buy these I would only want to buy heels, but sneakers are so much better for everyday use. When I saw these, I fell in love and decided to buy them.


These are the Reebok x FaceStockholm Classics. They come in different pastel colours and some metallic ones, but I ended up picking up the pink ones. This is the best colour ever, partially because it is still considered a neutral. You can wear these with other neutral colours, and a really good palette of neutral colours was made by elinaxblvck. Here it is.


Thank you for reading.

Until next time, Xx.