First Winter Exam Session – Done

Three days ago I finished what was my first ever university exam session and let me tell you, it was a whirlwind of emotions, insecurities and late nights. I understood so much about myself and about what I will do better next time and I have to say, I am very pleased.

My first exam was on the 10th of January, Business Fundamentals I think you would call it in English. I went fully prepared and knowing that I would ace it. That turned out to be true: I did everything perfectly and got the maximum. I was very happy and for the first time ever I felt like hard work really pays off. So that is my first lessons learned there.

My second exam was probably the one I dreaded the most: Math. This was the lengthiest one, divided in two parts: the written exam (on the 16th of January) and the oral exam (on the 22nd). The written part went, in my opinion, kind of below mediocre. The oral part went much better and my professor assessed that: that got me a 26/30 overall. I could not have been happier, I must say. That grade is higher than any I have ever gotten in high school in this subject and I am proud of myself.

Fast forward to three days ago, I did my last exam of the semester, Public Law, at noon on the 20th of February. Now, I have never felt more insecure than I did the days prior to this exam. I did not study as much as I should have, I did not prepare my answers as well as I should have, so I was mentally prepared for a mediocre grade. The professor herself decided to examine the student who have actively frequented her class (leaving the others to her assistants), those she recognized the faces of, so she also picked me. She started asking me question after question, not letting me breathe, saying she liked my way of answering and therefore having fun torturing me. I did not expect to get the maximum, but I did. What mattered more though, is what she told me after: she said that she is proud of me and of the fact that also my other exams went well and how she is simply content witnessing this from someone who was not born in this country.

This final exam made me realize that I should believe in myself more, that I should assess my capabilities. A friend of mine, whom I was venting to the night before, told me to remember that I am Wonder Woman.

What you are inside shines through in times of hardship and coincidently, those times make you who you are. 

This semester I have been insecure, thinking that other classmates of mine were way above my level and that I could not reach them. Well, that proved to be false. I have something that not many people have, and it is not a particular drive for a subject more than another; it is purpose. I have a grand plan in my head and I will not rest until it is accomplished. You want to know who I am? I am the person you hear about in motivational videos on youtube. Check me out.

I am not perfect, I have to say. There are many things I should have done differently: I should have started studying sooner and I should have studied more. I should have doubted myself less and ignored my brain when it would try to make me nap in the afternoon. This semester, starting Monday, I know better.

Thank you for reading.



New Year, here we go – 2017 in retrospect

Damn, it’s been a full year. I started the year in Australia, went to NYC in March, got my diploma from high school at the beginning of July, started University in September, and now here I am, stressing over exams. All of that leaving out falling in and out of love, in and out of friendships.

The more I look back, the more I see how much I have changed, as a person and as a woman. I have grown indeed: I get stressed less about social activities, I totally stopped caring about what others have to say about me, I started loving myself even more than before (is that even possible? I adore myself), I acquired the habit of cutting toxic people off, I started giving out more compliments, I am more quiet now, choosing to listen more attentively, I put myself on a pedestal and choose who I let get close to me.

I have grown to be an even more acquired taste than before, harsher around the edges, at least from an outside perspective, but that aids in the protection of my inner layers: call it learning from past mistakes.

What my hopes are for the coming year? More possibilities to learn, more experience, better enviroments, a better me. I hope to grow to be even more selective, quicker to understand others’ intentions, more focused on my studies and less on other useless things.

I hope the same and much more of what you wish for to you too. New beginning, new goals, new chances.

Happy New Year.


University Life Update and Advice – December 2017

Remember how I was so positive and excited back in this post? Yep, things changed. Exams are nearing (my first one is on the 10th of January) and I am scared af. I have indeed started studying but I already feel like I am behind (which is particularly accurate).

True, I should have started studying as soon as the semester started but being big-headed and egocentric, my ego got the best of me and now here I am, swimming through despair. Okay, I might be exaggerating; there are people who are in way worse situations than me, but still, I feel a bit lost.

As far as Math goes, I think I am at a pretty good point. Some things are new for me too, but I get the mechanics behind them and all it takes is a bit of practice.

Business Fundamentals, on the other hand, is a bit more complicated: I am at a good point with the theory, but accounting is a whole another beast that I still have to truly face head-on. Just like math, getting good at accounting takes time and practice, which is why I will truly study it during my Winter Holidays.

Lastly, Public Law is…boring? I mean, it flows well and the professor is awesome, but it is not my cup of tea. Luckily, this exam is at the end of January so I have a lot of time to study and repeat out loud the most important content.

Now, for some advice:

  • start studying as soon as possible: seriously, it is never too early to start. Do not reschedule, do not say “I’ll do it later”, just do everything as soon as possible, while also doing it well;
  • do the reading: if a professor tells you what you have to read up on until next lesson or leaves you an exercise to do at home, do it. They do that for a reason and you will feel accomplished;
  • study anytime, anywhere: I take the train everyday, back and forth, to and from Rome, and those 80 minutes total can be spent studying or reading something helpful;
  • it is okay if you cannot do it, for once: everyone has their breaking point, everyone gets tired, every woman gets pms and feels dead on the inside. Rest is good, as long as you are recharging to push harder next time;
  • be nice: simply put, be a nice person, be it to your peers or to professors, do not act superior; everyone is in the same boat as you and professors are there to help and teach, so do not think that they are out to get you and catch you unprepared.

This is what I have to say for now. I will probably update you guys after my exams are over, hopefully bringing you good news.

Than you for reading, once more.



University Life – October 2017 Update

This last 18th of September I started University and let me tell you, I could not be happier. I love new beginnings and this is the best one yet. Leaving behind all that was dragging me down was something I desperately needed.

I decided to pursue a degree in Business and more specifically Economics at the Sapienza University of Rome. Classes have been going on for the last month and I feel amazingly accomplished regarding the notions learned and the people I have made friends with. Getting to Uni in the morning is not the easiest voyage, but it could be worse: I take the train and walk quite a lot, but I do not mind.

The books are indeed intimidating but once you get into the mood of studying and learning it all flows better. My professors this semester, all women, are great and teach in a very pleasant way. I also got lucky regarding the time the classes are taught: from 9am to 1pm. Very, very lucky indeed.

I love learning how a business is started and what is needed, how the state regulates the privates, and also how law works. Math is the one subject where I feel more advantaged, because the professor is teaching things I already know.

My exams are in January and I have started studying here and there, but I still have to get serious about it. All in all, I am extremely happy and excited with how my life is going.

Thank you for reading.