Converse Chuck Taylor All Star Ox – Review

I finally got myself a pair of low white converse! I have been wanting these for quite a long time and I am aware that I am late to the party, since every single person has them, but at least I am here.

I have been in the lookout for low prices for a couple of months and Amazon came through. Here is the link on Amazon Italia, in case you are interested; I am sure you will have no trouble finding them on Amazon no matter which country you live in.

Now, let’s get to the shoe itself. The most simple and classic tennis show which no one uses for tennis. I have the canvas version, instead of the leather one because it is 100 times more comfortable. I have another pair of converse made of leather (here) and I still have to find a way to wear them without killing my heels.


I love these shoes, despite them hurting the first time I wore them, but now everything is fine and they fit like a glove. I would not recommend wearing converse when you are, for example, visiting a city and having to walk too much, since they are very flat so not very ergonomic.


The only downside, probably, is that you have to be extremely careful with not getting them dirty. These white ones are almost impossible to clean. Also because if you get them wet the glue may come out. To make them look as clean as possible I recommend washing the laces more often than the shoes.

Score: 9/10

Thank you for reading.


Second pair of Reebok sneakers

The time has come for me to accept the fact that I have a problem, and that is being obsessed with sneakers. I am not exaggerating. Some time ago I had a thing for heels and I wanted all shades of stilettos and pumps and sandals and all of that, but lately, and it most certainly it is because of a certain Instagram sensation, Sherlina (you have to follow her), my love for heels became an obsession with sneakers.

A couple of months ago, I bought my very first pair of Reebok sneakers and you can check them out here. So, of course I could not stop there; I decided to buy another pair, but this time I wanted them to be in a neutral colour, so I set my mind on white. I absolutely love these shoes : yes, it is an investment and yes, they are hard to care for since you always have to clean them, but they are so so worth it. You can pair them up with anything and they look amazing.

One thing I also noticed is that this type of shoes make me look slightly taller and they make my legs look quite defined and toned, so I obviously love that. I do think that every girl has to have at least one pair of these.

The only problem is that, since they are quite heavy as a material, they make your feet stink, and I am not the only person who says that. But, at night I put some baking soda in a pair of socks and leave them inside the shoes and the next morning they smell like freshly washed.

I am in love.

Thank you for reading.